DSLR not connecting to OBS through Capture Card /w Micro HDMI!


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I have legit been trying to do this for weeks now, nothing I do works. I've searched plenty of tutorials and nothing seems to work. It would seem I'm at the mercy of the forum for help on this one. So please, help a fellow human being out.

I'm using An August VG500 Capture card = https://www.amazon.co.uk/August-VGB500-HDMI-Capture-Card/dp/B07JMCM9T7
and a Lumix DC-FZ82 Camera. = amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-DC-FZ82-Bridge-camera-3672pixels/dp/B073BCYPTS

I am plugging a micro HDMI (which fits perfectly) into my camera, and then putting the HDMI part of the Cable into my "input capture" on my capture card. Which doesn't work. I tried adding it as a "Video Capture Device" in OBS.

Please help, nothing works!
Thanks, Joel.


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The Lumix DC-FZ82 doesn't support live video out to HDMI. This camera can playback still pictures via HDMI, but not live video.