Using a webcam I see two different views one is a close up and one is wide after windows update


After a Windows update today I am seeing odd results in the image that is being displayed. The main video page the one that has sources, audio, scene transtions and controls has a close up that is not where the webcam is pointing.
Under sources, if I click on the video capture device that is for the webcam it shows a wide shot of the same scene.
The only thing that changed is the windows update. The one I want to stream is the wide shot.

a. How do I get the wide shot into the window that is being streamed.
b. Why am I seeing these two different images. Before the windows update I had the wide shot as I wanted and did not see the zoomed in shot that is being streamed

OBS logfile


The screen image is attached showing both the wide view and the zoomed view. The zoomed view is what is being broadcast.
I was broadcasting the wide view and didn't see any zoomed view before the windows update that I did yesterday just before I started having this problem.

obsboth.png This is a screenshot that show the wide view and the zoomed view