Webcam works, but not in OBS


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Hi, my problem is pretty much what the title says.
I have a webcam that use to work (around a month ago was the last time I used it), and suddenly it just stopped working in obs. I tried restarting my pc, changing the usb port it was connected to, creating a new capture under sources, nothing worked. The webcam works as usual in the camera app from windows and skype, but it also doesn't work on streamlabs and geforce experience. This is screenshot of what appears in my screen when i go to properties (it's in portuguese), for some reason the webcam is grey instead of being white so I can't select it. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I moved my setup before it stopped working, but as I said, the last time I streamed was a month ago so I have no clue if that influenced anything, also I used to use streamlabs to stream

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