Camera is dropping frames when in Gameplay

Crocodile Dendi

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I recently started to stream and went through the setup process quite smoothly.
Stream quality is very good, no frames dropped.
Since I use a Lumix G80 as a webcam, there is a USB3 Capture Card for 1080p30 installed and feeding the HDMI clean out from the cam to Broadcast. I use that to clear up my background.
In Broadcast the video stream is fluid, but OBS seems to drop frames when also streaming gameplay.
Is my poor 1700X at its limit there and should I drop the video resolution?

Looking forward for any advice


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Crocodile Dendi

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ich habe nur eine Cam am laufen.
Also von den 144Hz auf 120Hz in den Windows Settings?
Kannst du mir erklären, wie das mit der Kamera zusammenhängt?

LG und Frohe Weihnachten/Happy Holidays!



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You're using nvidia broadcast as the intermediary. If you don't use nvidia broadcast (as in, include your camera directly) do you run into the issue?

In your output settings, turn off Psychovisual Tuning, and change from Max Quality to Quality. If that doesn't fix things, then try turning off all RTX options in-game.