Old Webcam Audio Stuttering?


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Hey gang,

I see there are a few topics on stuttering audio and they all seem to have different answers.
I don't know how unique my problem might be, but I can't find anything similar enough to answer my problem.

I have an old LiveCam VX-1000 (It does work on windows 10. We found drivers.)

Both the video and audio work on this camera in other applications.

The video works fine in OBS, The audio does work but only if I add it by itself as the only source.

If I try to have audio and video that's when things start to stutter.

I can't figure out how to have the video and the audio together without stuttering.

When I add the Video device it asks my "Audio Output Mode" and a check box for "Use Custom Audio Device"
Nothing happens with audio at all if the defaults are chosen. It only has audio if I check "use custom device"
Then it will have different timed reverberations or stuttering depending on which Audio Output mode I select.

Now if I add a video source, and disable that audio in the mixer and add a Audio source it still stutters.


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