Question / Help Steaming using and external PC webcam

Hi there,

Just a quick question, can you use a webcam on an external pc from the pc you are streaming from.?
So say I have a friend on another PC at one end of the office and I want to use is Webcam in my stream, is there a way for me to remotely put his live video feed from his webcam to my PC which I am streaming from at the other side of the office?

NOTES - We are both on the same Network
- Using Ubuntu 16.4
- We would really prefer to use open source software if need be to make this work.



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You could use something like NDI. I know the NDI Scan Converter on Windows supports sending out your webcam a its own NDI source. Not sure about Linux compatibility but it's one option. If it's not available, running OBS on both machines with the obs-ndi plugin and setting up an NDI Output filter on a Video Capture Device source on your friend's machine and then inserting it on your own OBS instance would work too.