Question / Help How to view webcam in game

Hi, im having trouble finding information on this specific topic. I would like to be able to see my own webcam while in game for recording. I've heard that i would need a second monitor and a gpu that can handle it, i have a gtx1060 so i think it will suffice, but if this is my only option could i get some information of how to configure this?

Is there no way to have some software or settings that will put a overlay outside of obs that shows the webcam capture on top of my screen? if i could do this, id imagine obs would capture it in the display capture anyways. I currently have one monitor and wasnt looking to invest in a second (limited space and didnt want to buy another) and i have never used a dual monitor setup so i know almost nothing about using them, but if this is the only way let me know. I already know how to put the webcam overlay onto my game capture in obs and it turns out perfectly in the recorded video, im just looking for the easiest/best way to be able to view my webcam while recording my gaming.


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You can have this with OBS, if you play your game either windowed or windowed fullscreen, but not real fullscreen. First, go to settings->General->Projectors and check "Make projectors always on top" and, if you like, "Save projectors on exit".
Then right-click your webcam source in OBS and click "Windows projector (source)". A small window will be created that contains your webcam source, and it will stay on top of everything. You can also resize the projector window.
Keep in mind to first activate projectors always on top and only after that create the projector itself. If you first create the projector window without the setting, it will not stay on top.
If you use display capture, the webcam projector will be captured as well. This cannot be avoided for display capture. To exclude it, you have to use game capture for the game or window capture.
thanks, this does work however it is really ugly, cant use that window in my capture for streaming or recording for youtube. might just invest in a second monitor if its what i need


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A second monitor is incredibly useful, for all sort of static stuff that disappears as soon as you do something fullscreen on your primary monitor. It doesn't need to be the same, probably expensive, model as you primary monitor. Just get the cheapest device you find that has a matching plug for your additional monitor jacks.