Question / Help Webcam mic in multiple "sources"?


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Hi, brand new to OBS, but I already have a question. :)

I've managed to get several sources setup and working, including my clunky old webcam as a Video Capture Device. Video and audio seem to work just fine, however, when I FIRST tried to set it up, it refused to recognize the audio unless I set it up as a separate Audio Capture Device source.

Once I had it working through the VCD, I removed the separate ACD figuring it was redundant at this point. However, it later occurred to me that there may be a time when I want to have my voice active but not any video, especially if streaming a game where there is just too much UI clutter to find a clean spot to sit the video portion.

I figured I could set up a scene with just the audio from it again, but it seems that it now won't recognize the audio device by itself. As if having the device present at all causes an exclusive lock on the hardware so it can't work with anything else at the same time?

I can think of a few cheesy workarounds, but I thought I'd ask here for a simpler and more correct way to do this. Thanks!

Oh, and here are my settings for the video capture device. The audio one is just the same hardware with the "timestamp" checkbox ticked.