Question / Help OBS does not recognize my webcam


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Hello, first of all, my problem is that OBS STUDIO DOESN'T FIND MY CAMERA. As in, when I try to add it, I can't find it as an option.
I am using the camera of my computer, an MSI 7RFX Leopard Pro.

I have allowed OBS to use my camera with the Bitdefender already and allow access with windows aswell.
I also restarted the computer.
My camera works just fine with other apps.


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I have the same problem but my cam is a cellphone that I use with IP Webcam. Other apps see my "webcam" but OBS does not. What is happening? Does anyone know? Any idea?


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Make sure your camera supports 64 bit drivers. Otherwise you may have to use 32 bit OBS for it to appear.