1. T

    Question / Help Having a really good computer but the stream is still laggy

    Hey guys, Down below I have my specs and my internet speed. I can't seem to figure out how to set the setttings so the stream won't be laggy.. and it would be actually watchable and not laggy. Configure my settings? Please help, TheFallenGalaxy
  2. A

    Question / Help Setting for local recordings

    What are the best setting for my current gear to record videos to disk I5 - 7400 3.00ghz 8GB Ram GTX 1050 Ti phoenix I want to record Rainbow six siege any sugestions? Is Nvench 264 good option for encoding?
  3. L

    Question / Help Is my PC shitty or am I doing something wrong?

    Hey guys, I really want to record games. However, even after looking for many tutorials, I haven't found the solution to my problem: The game is running fine, but the actual recording has stutters, even when going down with the bitrate. I'm using a i7-4790s. Output: NVENC H.264 , 20000 kbits/s...
  4. I

    Question / Help Stream Looks better then recording

    I typically stream in 720p60 with a bit rate of 5000 to twitch, however I have streamed 1080p60 and it works fine. When I try to record videos with OBS though, I end up with a very low quality product that lags and is very pixelated. The bitrate I use for videos and have tested was about 30000...
  5. A

    Question / Help OBS video output quality is not as good as the Bluestack game window. Need some help understanding how to improve video quality.

    I have been trying to record this game with OBS from Bluestacks. I checked a couple of videos to learn about video settings but the output video still isn't nearly as good as the main game in Bluestacks. I uploaded a screenshot with the Bluestacks game (on the right) and the obs output (on the...
  6. R

    Question / Help Recording freezes sometimes but the audio continues, any advice for settings ?

    Hi, I have tried different settings, but my records always freezes in some moments. I don't have a good computer so that probably why, but if it's possible to improve the fluency of my records that would be greeted. My log is here, thanks in advance if you have any advice for my settings !
  7. TheApexRival

    Question / Help Recording Settings for AMD GPU.

    Hey Guys, So i need some Settings that would only drop me a Few or Reasonable amount of FPS in my Games when i am Recording. I have tried different settings and i was able to recording with no FPS impact but my Recordings tended to look Blurry or Fuzzy. If someone could reccomend me some good...
  8. Reignendt

    Advanced x264 settings streamers should know

    At the moment the OBS developers do not recommend any advanced x264 settings because they think the default settings are good as is. However, there are a couple of advanced settings I do think streamers should be aware of, since tweaking them could make a huge difference for some. The first...
  9. Trexx_T

    Question / Help Streaming with 7.1 Sound - Sounds weird

    Hey, my name is Trexx_T. Im 23 years old and from germany. I want to start streaming a little bit. And i think at the moment everything is working. BUT i have a Logitech G930 headset with 7.1 soundsystem and I noticed it already at Shadowplay. My sound is very weird. 7.1 or Stereo while...
  10. M

    Question / Help Stuttering and high Ping while streaming on Twitch

    Hey guys. First of all, excuse my bad English because I am German, I’ll do my best! So, my problem is that when I am streaming on Twitch using OBS, my game (Fortnite) is lagging very hard. I already tried to lower the stream quality to 720p and 30 fps, but it still doesn't work as it normally...
  11. M

    Question / Help OBS Studio Low-End Laptop Streaming Best settings?

    Hi so i'm running a Samsung Gamer Series 7 (Pictures on the bottom.) and i wonder what the best settings for my Stream is? currently able to run 853x480 downscale with 30FPS on 650 Bitrate without problems but the stream no matter the game is heavely pixleated, i have 1.07mbps in up-speed here...
  12. JakeHasNoLife

    Question / Help Choppy Footage (Please Help)

    I've been trying to get non-choppy footage but for some reason just can't get the right settings anyone have a fix? Log File:
  13. razorlikes

    Free OBS Settings Manager v1.2.0

    What do I need this for? The import/export function which is already included in OBS wasn't enough for me so I made this little tool which is supposed to help you keep an overview of your saved OBS configurations. You can save backups, add some metadata (names, notes, the used encoder and a...
  14. razorlikes

    Free OBS Settings Manager

    razorlikes submitted a new resource: OBS Settings Manager - Keep an overview of your OBS Studio profiles and manage them in an easy, user friendly way. Read more about this resource...