Question / Help Help (if possible) for setting up audio "exclusions"

I'm trying to find a way to make it so that discord is not counted as desktop audio. So that people voice calling me from it can be heard clearly and not be muffled. As my desktop audio is, I messed around for a bit, didn't find anything. Looked for any guides, but didn't notice any. (I admit that I wasn't thorough, so if you know a guide that knows how to fix my problem. Just let me know and give me directions, I'll find it afterwards.)

For clarifications I record videos with OBS. I do not stream.
If there is anything else you need to know to help me that I forgot. Just let me know and I'll respond as soon as possible.
Logs in case they are needed (This is a setting stuff so I presume not.)


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Voicemeeter Banana has a PDF guide with a quickstart set of instructions. Be sure to follow them.

Basically Banana sets up 2 virtual devices. One of them becomes your new default Windows device. The other you can use for chat output, and Voicemeeter will let you route those inputs to/from any hardware devices you have connected.

OBS then can capture the two virtual devices and control them separately. (You can use one to sidechain against the other for automatic ducking, which is useful.)
Alright after like 6~ hours of looking up guides, reading guides, watching guides, following guides, messing around. Testing calls and recording over and over and over.
I can confirm that my problem that when voice called, they are counted as desktop audio by OBS, and are thusly muffled slightly.
Though it seems duel commentary through voice chat services might be impossible, at least without muffling someone or requiring stuff I don't have. (like secondary sound chips)

Thanks for the help Narcogen regardless. You did gud and can consider the forum post solved/closed at your own leisure.


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Check if you have turned off windows audio ducking. WIndows may be automatically adjusting the volume of devices based on their status as "primary audio device" or "primary communications device" and you probably don't want it to do that while using OBS.
You mean the "Reduce other sounds boy 50/25%" type deals? (As well as a full mute.) I have that disabled, it did help with making both the desktop audio (both game and discord) louder, though I keep desktop below my mic audio manually.


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Yes. Although if you want that kind of effect you can control it better in OBS itself.

Add a Compression filter to the source you want to adjust (game audio), and select as Sidechain the input that you want used to modulate it (microphone).

You can apply this multiple times on a single source, so if you have chat participants isolated on one device, you can add a 2nd compression filter with that input selected as sidechain, so that game audio is ducked when you or chat participants talk.
Oh? Sounds extremely interesting. Wasn't aware that OBS was actually capable of that!

I think that might actually potential solve my problem? I'll need to try it for sure, though sadly I won't be able to do so at this exact moment.
Thanks a bunch Narcogen once again xD. I'll get back at you once I've had a chance to fiddle with OBS's filters and test them out.