1. P

    Couldn't find Codec "simple_acc_recording".

    Hello, be aware I'm not very techsavy, but I am running into a problem with my OBS, I can't record anything because I keep getting this error and I've been trying to mess with the settings but I can't figure it out! I recently downloaded SAMMI & StreamFX as plugins to try and create an animated...
  2. I

    OBS won't stop recording?

    Hello, I realize that this is a common question but as someone with absolutely no experience in this software I had trouble comparing my own error logs to those of others and I would appreciate some more personal help. I apologize in advance. So as I said in the title, when I click "Stop...
  3. G

    Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    I get the error posted in the title when trying to launch the 64-bit version of OBS, the 32 bit version launches just fine. I updated to 25.0.8 right before this happened. Error message: Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated...
  4. athenaorerica

    Bug Report AVerMedia LGP Lite Stream Engine causes crackling audio in 64-bit OBS.

    AVerMedia claims no issue on their end, and I'm inclined to believe them since there is no issue whatsoever when using the same source on Xsplit, RECentral, VLC, or any other DirectShow-compatible application I could find. This can all be worked around by using WaveOut or DirectSound...
  5. athenaorerica

    Question / Help Output audio stutters when using Video Capture Device in OBS 64-bit.

    Hi, I recently got an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable device, and I am having issues using it with OBS. (Works fine in RECentral, Xsplit, all other DirectShow-compatible software). Whenever I have the Video Capture Device source active, using either AVerMedia's Stream Engine or just the capture...
  6. D

    Question / Help Help (if possible) for setting up audio "exclusions"

    I'm trying to find a way to make it so that discord is not counted as desktop audio. So that people voice calling me from it can be heard clearly and not be muffled. As my desktop audio is, I messed around for a bit, didn't find anything. Looked for any guides, but didn't notice any. (I admit...