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Christos mix

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I have a GTX 1050, I saw some threads here and decided to make my setting likes this, are they ok ? Should I change them ? I even downgraded the graphics of the game to medium and I still got 15% of my frames missing. Can I do some thing else before I am forced to downgrade even more ?

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Sure. Reduce frame size, reduce frame rate, turn off lookahead. You're overloading your renderer and your encoder.

19:18:10.465: Output 'adv_file_output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 734 (11.0%)
19:18:10.466: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
19:18:10.466: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 1034/6639 (15.6%)


Im using CQP 18, Keyframe: 0, Preset: Quality, Profile: High, Look-ahead Off, Psycho: Enable, B-Frames 2.
Im Using also the NewNvenc.
Did you lock your Ingame FPS on 60? If not, do it!!!
When you use more than 1 Monitor, be sure that all monitors are set on the same hz.
For 60 fps recording, its better to set your monitor hz also to 60hz.

If that all doesnt work, look on your cpu usage in windows (not in obs). strg+alt+del and performance cpu.
Test it while gaming. If its near 100%, it could be your CPU. If not, try recording and check your usage then.

Christos mix

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Thanks I set the frames at 30 and had to drop the setting in game to low but now I can record without frames going missing

Christos mix

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Around 50 percent when I look at it with the game and obs running in the background it goes up a bit but not at 99, why ? Do you think that I should be able to record without all those downgrades? My memory is at 85 btw, I checked the graphics card and it goes up to 99 pretty easily, this particular game has vsync for the only way to limit fps maybe that's the issue and in other games I will be able to record with higher settings. Thank you for taking time out of your day for this bro
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@Toastfalter that is why we recommend offloading it to the dedicated GPU encoder chip.

As for optimal settings, there is no such thing, as every user and use case is different. Using the simple mode, indistinguishable quality is pretty much your best bet, unless you need multitrack audio recording.
Also, keep about 10% GPU headroom for OBS to render and create the output, pushing your GPU too hard will make your recording stutter.