Question / Help What settings to us for streaming/recording for max quality?

I'm using the QSV encoder on a intel hd 4000 iGPU and was wondering what settings I should put it on for maximum recording and streaming quality. I can stream 1280x960 OK (CSGO XD) and can record in 1080p, but was wondering what are the max settings I could use to sqeak out the best performance with smooths 60 FPS recording.
Oh, and if you need to look at my stream quality, you can go to my twitch at and watch my most recent CS:Go video. I sound young and the mic quality is terrible, but I know that and it's usually better, buuuut, yeah...


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Simple output mode
Recording quality indistinguishable, large file size.

For advanced settings use CRF rate control and a rating between 15 (high quality) and 25 ("good" quality).