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  1. marksgaminglivestreams

    My PC Specs & Setup for OBS

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to ask a few questions about OBS, whats the best setup for my specs? I7- 12700k ASUS prime b760m-a MSI RTX 4060ti 3x Corsair Vengeance 32gb 3200 just wondering if anyone has the same spec as me? these are my settings for streaming on Twitch in OBS I usually play...
  2. Z

    OBS Doesn't Show Properties on Output>Advance>Streaming>No properties available, PLEASE HELP

    OBS do not show the extra properties on the advance setting on tab "Output" PLEASE HELP. (LOG FILE:
  3. B

    help, to configure my obs is the best way, without pixelation, constant bitrate, very HD and Very Fluid

    Hello, can someone please provide me with some obs settings for streaming, I have 2 pc I want the stream to be seen both HD, as well as the past broadcasts in case I want to download the live stream. I want some settings that are not pixelated and obviously that they go well with performance...
  4. O

    Grainy video, settings help

    Hey, my video looks very grainy and sometimes very blurry when I play it back after recording, I'm using it to record games and I made these settings about a year ago so if you see anything I can fix let me know. ss
  5. N

    Question / Help Cannot change language

    I cannot change default language because the drop down list in settings is disabled (see attachment). What can cause such an issue? Should I install a language package?
  6. V

    Question / Help I need help with my settings

    Hey, recently I've gotten into recording and I wanna make my videos better! I don't have a very good computer and don't know that much about what I should use My current settings: Encoder: 264 CBR: 2500 and I record into 720p@30fps with downscale as bicubic, also I record mp4. Specs: Processor...
  7. C

    Question / Help Best Settings for My PC?

    • OS - Windows 10 64-bit • Processor - AMD FX-8320 8-core • 16GB RAM • Graphics Card - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series I originally tried to stream at 1080p 60fps before dropping it to 720p 60fps with exactly no improvements. I'm using the x264 Encoder but also have the option of H264/AVC Encoder (AMD...
  8. R

    Question / Help OBS settings for my PC

    Hello, I wanna set up my OBS to match my PC specs: since Im not good at it: - GTX 960 2GB - Intel Core I5 6400 2.80Ghz - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - Internet Speed: 1GB/s I want to stream: League Of Legends, CS:GO, The Forest, GTA V. Tell me if you need to know more about my PC.
  9. Lilcheo

    Question / Help Help With Settings

    So my setup is: Cpu: I5 2400 Ram:8gb Gpu: Asus Gtx 1060 3gb OC edition and i want to record my fortnite game play any Recommendations or Help With My Recording settings
  10. EvilHedgehogGaming

    Question / Help What settings to us for streaming/recording for max quality?

    I'm using the QSV encoder on a intel hd 4000 iGPU and was wondering what settings I should put it on for maximum recording and streaming quality. I can stream 1280x960 OK (CSGO XD) and can record in 1080p, but was wondering what are the max settings I could use to sqeak out the best performance...
  11. V

    Question / Help OBS forces C920 to 4:3

    Hello, i have been having this problem that obs seems to be forceing my webcam, the c920 into a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have tried a lot of the responses to people on other threads with this issue. Many say to just go to custom and set the res you want but when I do that my webcam always just...
  12. V

    Question / Help have great specs and upload but stream quality is still pixelated ( Counter-strike)

    so ive recently upgraded my pc specs new specs are I7-8700K OC 4.8GHZ GTX 1070 FE 16GB DDR4 CORSAIR 3200MHZ My internet is 300 down 16 up because my city sucks with getting fiber My slobs settings encoder x264 6k bitrate ( ive tried lower it just gets more blocky) -2 key frame -CPU...
  13. K

    Question / Help Best settings for I7-8700K for mostly FPS games

    Hello, I recently got my new processor the I7-8700K. I came from an I5-7600k so it is a big improvement. But i wanted some advice on what might be the best settings for this new CPU. I mainly stream FPS games and i tried 900P 60FPS, which didn't really work with Battlefield 5 because i started...
  14. F

    Question / Help Can I improve my quality?

    Hey! I am normally a PS4 streamer (Elgato HD60 Pro Cap Card) and I was just curious if anyone here could help me improve my quality a bit. Log: Stream clip: I have a i7-4790k GTX 970 4GB 16GB RAM Gigabyte Z97X...
  15. N

    Question / Help Mid-End-ish Specs Help!

    Hi all! I’m trying to stream at 720p, while running CSGO at 720p, but unfortunately the stream has issues. Some serious lag and it freezes every now and then. My computer isn't completely "terrible" but it isn't good either. Can someone please help me figure out some good all around settings...
  16. X

    Question / Help Please help a scrub out.

    (Before you continue keep in mind I know basically NOTHING tech wise) Hello and thank you so much for taking time to look at my post. So I've been streaming/recording videos with my Elgato and I've been using the software it comes with, with like no complaints. But I've been trying to switch to...
  17. J

    Question / Help i5 7400 and GTX 1050 recommended settings

    Hey all :) I have an i5 7400 and GTX 1050, in-game performance will be okay, but the stream/recording will look SUPER laggy, and I will get a high encoding warning. Hoping I could get some settings that could work for the games I play (Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Realm Royale, and Overwatch)
  18. WeeAddy

    Question / Help OBS Studio causes videos to lag

    When I have OBS Studio open, even without recording or streaming, I have noticed that videos I'm watching on YouTube will randomly begin to desync - with the audio playing correctly, and the video slowing down causing the desync. It's pretty seamless, you only notice it after a short while, and...
  19. J

    Question / Help mic not picking up

    ive gone through every setting i can, ive looked through every forum post about mic's not working, and yet nothing has helped! i have my mic selected to be picked up by obs but it doesnt have a single bit of mic audio, when i stream it sends out a whisper of audio every now and again but thats...
  20. mucks

    Question / Help What should my settings be if my upload speed is 2.45

    I am still stuck with the OBS settings and I am trying to figure out what to do with the quality without being pixelated. I am still tinkering with the settings and I have no idea what's the best. Here's my specs of my pc: Intel-Core i7-7700K HyperX 8 GB RAM STICKS (DDR4) Nvidia GTX Geforce...