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• OS - Windows 10 64-bit
• Processor - AMD FX-8320 8-core
• Graphics Card - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

I originally tried to stream at 1080p 60fps before dropping it to 720p 60fps with exactly no improvements.
I'm using the x264 Encoder but also have the option of H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) as an encoder but I have no idea which is better to use.
Rate Control Method as CBR
Target Bitrate as 3000
Keyframe Interval as 0.00 (dropping it from the default 2.00 (and what I most commonly see suggested) to 0.00 had the biggest positive impact for my stream quality)
and CPU Usage Preset as veryfast

What settings would people recommend for what I've got set up?

EDIT: I vaguely remembered StreamlabsOBS optimising settings on first time start-up and here are the settings it gave me:
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This forum here is for OBS
not for Streamlabs

If you have problems or need help with Streamlabs
I'd ask you to use their support.
Streamlabs OBS, the key part in that being OBS, of which has the exact same streaming setting that you can use because its... guess what... still OBS. It's the same thing as Samsung having their own emojis, Samsung phones still run on the Android OS, they just have their own "skins" for emojis

That, and, my original issue was with, get this, OBS, so it's still applicable either way
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