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Just looking around for some decent setting for only recording but can't seem to find any and for some reason NO MATTER WHAT SETTING I HAVE my recording after if really laggy

CPU: i7 8086k @ 4.00Ghz
GPU: ASUS 1080 TI Strix
RAM: G.skill RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) @ 3200
MOBO: Asus (unsure what one but its a top-quality one)

CSGO @ 2560/1440 - Ultra Settings
League of Legeneds @ 2560/1440 - Ultra Settings
Battlefield 1 @ 2560/1440 - Ultra Settings.

P.S please don't say auto-configuration wizard that doesn't work, even with these top specs it says simple medium file size yet still is laggy recording

Edit - if you don't have something that i helpful or productive please don't write it


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Without a log, I can't tell. I don't know what's causing your lag, so I don't know what to suggest to remediate it.

That it went away at 1080p would seem to indicate it's rendering lag, to which the answers to getting rid of it are:

1) reduce canvas resolution
2) reduce framerate
3) cap in-game framerate
4) reduce in-game visual fidelity
5) upgrade GPU

There are other things that can cause rendering lag, but I don't know if you have those issues without a logfile.