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    I’ve never had many issues with OBS and my (older) Mac but most recently I purchased a brand new MacBook Pro and OBS is now basically unusable. I’m not computer savvy but I believe it’s an encoding issue. OBS is reporting a 95% frame drop and basically makes my streams unwatchable and...
  2. M

    Recent Bitrate extreme fluctuation

    Hey guys, I run a live music stream with obs, it's a 2 camera set up at 1080p with a live audio mixer. Anyways, that's all besides the point. Recently I've been having extreme fluctuations in my bitrate, I run on hardwire ethernet directly into my mac (I have a 2018 macbook pro that I have an...
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    Can I stream x264 medium with Intel Xeon E5-1650 V2 and 16GB DDR3 memory?

    Can I stream x264 medium with Intel Xeon E5-1650 V2 and 16GB DDR3 memory? It's a dedicated streaming PC with an elgato.
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    Setting recommendations

    Hi hopefully someone can help, or hopefully im in the right place. I have been looking for some feedback on what would be the best optimal settings for highest quality videos while recording. I have gotten mixed responses from some friends that my build was outdated or that my build was still...
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    New to OBS looking for some help in resolving render lag/skipping frames

    Thanks for taking a minute to look at my post. I recently moved to OBS from Radeon Adrenalin and i cant stress how much better it is. However for the last week i've been getting a problem that's new. I'll get some stuttering in clips. Here's an example of one i took yesterday...
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    Question / Help Need help setting up OBS

    Hey folks, so I've noticed when recording certain games there are a ton of compression artifacts. Which I attributed to downscaling from 1440p to 1080p. So I decided to just record at 1440p to capture all the details since I don't need to worry about bitrate, I post mainly to youtube. However...
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    Bug Report Text area does not correctly display UTF-8 symbols from file

    ## Platform Operating system and version: Manjaro 19 OBS Studio version: 25.0.8-1 ## Expected Behavior Show "☮" and other UTF-8 and 16 symbols. ## Current Behavior Does not show the UTF-8 symbols correctly even with font that has the symbols. ## Steps to Reproduce 1. Type-in the UTF-8 symbol...
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    Question / Help encodage en surcharge

    j'ai une bonne config pour rec (i5 7400, rx 590 et 16go ram, 1to + hdd) mais quand je veux enregistrer quelque chose + de 60 fps j'ai en encodage en surcharge peu importe l'encodeur (pire avec le processeur donc j'utilise plutôt le gpu) je ne comprends pas pourquoi certains avec de moins bonne...
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    Question / Help Ryzen 3 3200g w/ OBS

    Can Ryzen 3 3200g encode MP4 video? If not can it encode ANY video? I'm going to use the integrated Vega 8 graphics if I do buy this APU (for a ASRock Deskmini A300 build). I've looked all around the internet to see if it can, but only got results of people streaming with it. Please help..
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    Bug Report After 25.x update 15% Skipped Frames Due To Encoding Lag - FIXED

    Sharing a problem and solution for others who will be encountering the same. After updating from 24.0.3 to 25.0.8 (Windows 10/64, update 1909, Intel i5-4770k, GTX970, all SSD storage, 32gb mem) I began having severe problems with "Skipped frames due to encoding lag" ranging from 5% to 15%...
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    Question / Help Encoding Overload

    Every time I try to record the game I am playing I keep getting encoding overload issues. I'm very new to using OBS and have tried looking everywhere for info on how to fix it but nothing seems to fix it. When I recorded using shadowplay in the past I never had any issues. That leads me to...
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    Question / Help Dropping frames due to encoding lag - I've tried everything.

    Hey guys - trying to do some recording in OBS to capture my webcam and iRacing and I keep getting dropped frames every so often. I've tried every setting I can find from youtube videos - changing input and output resolutions, changing software and hardware encoding, rate control settings, game...
  13. B

    Question / Help AMD hardware encoder says 'Live' but 0kbps

    Hi team, Never had this problem until installing a new Radeon 5600 XT two days ago in which I can't stream using GPU anymore. Intel i5 Radeon 5600 XT (previously Radeon R7 265 which didn't have this problem) 16gb ram Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - Software x264 works fine and streams with the...
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    Question / Help OBS Encoding overloaded help?

    Sorry if the pictures are too big or too small this is my first forum post on here. I don't like recording in 720P because it gives way less quality but the error stops when I record in 720p. I think that's the problem and I'm just stupid for making this post. Also sorry for the long post...
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    Question / Help Recording at 120 FPS and Rendering at 29 FPS

    I use obs to record my gameplay, and I record at 120 FPS, with my games running at 120 FPS. When I record, obs tells me I am recording at 120 FPS, however, When I view the video afterwards, It is very choppy, and it says it is recorded at 29 FPS. Attached is my latest attempt to get 120 FPS...
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    Question / Help Enconding overload

    Hello guys.My stream is lagy sometimes.Can you tell me what to do? https://obsproject.com/logs/4TNplNtL2To2MMyG
  17. K

    Question / Help Is Rescale Output applied after or before encoding?

    Hi! I would like to use OBS for recording and streaming. Under video tab I have setted up my full resolution (1080p) and then created presets under Output for streaming and recording. The question is: Is Rescale Outpout under Outpout > Streaming applied before or after encoding? I want to stream...
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    Question / Help i9900ks 5GHz or RTX 2080ti for encoding stream

    Hey Guys, my new setup will include a rxt 2080ti and a i9900ks with 5Ghz I heard with the new nvenc method on obs you can easily reach h.264 encoding medium quality my question now is, could I handle a cpu encoding on fast? or should I use the new nvenc because its way less stressful for my...
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    Question / Help How much power acutally takes it for a RTX 2080ti to use the new nvenc while running games?

    Hey Guys, im about to get my new setup in a few days and Im just wondering about this question in general: So for example: lets say I run PUBG on my new rtx 2080ti with 120 FPS how much performance I will lose in game now when I start to run streamlabs OBS and go live with the new nvenc...
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    Question / Help Skipping frames with local recording only?

    Just during recording, after a few minutes CPU usage jumps to about 50%, GPU hangs around 15%. I tried writing to an SSD instead of my HDD and playing around with some settings and I've cut the lost frames in half but its still too choppy. Why does it only get choppy after a few minutes and how...