1. L

    Question / Help high encoding problem (please help)

    my OBS recently has had this weird problem when i try to record minecraft in 1080p with facecam. it says high encoding and makes my recordings laggy. i dont know why all of the sudden i cannot record in 1080p and its really annoying. sometimes I fix it by editing the source outputs and stuff but...
  2. K

    Question / Help Encoding overloaded while CPU and GPU are both below 60% usage

    G'day dear people, as you may have read, I've got a problem. OBS Studio is telling me the encoding is overloaded, although both CPU and GPU are below 60% usage. I'm using "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)", CBR 17 kbit/s, "quality" and profile "high" atm, but it just doesn't look too good. 20 kbit/s are...
  3. Akvas

    Question / Help Which is better for a low end system?

    Most of my footage is from CS:GO and sometimes i see the warning that the encoding is overloaded so I came up with a question. Is recording at a higher resolution less demanding than scaling to a lower resolution while recording? At the moment I set the Canvas to 1920x1080 but the Output...
  4. S

    Multi GPU Encoding?..

    So, we can use multiple cores/cpus.. but is it possible to use multiple gpus for encoding together? I have a machine learning build that i would like to try it out on
  5. Scruby

    Question / Help [OBS] Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings

    Hey, I was wondering about the setting called 'Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings' When I use it, it will steam 6k bitrate video to twitch, but does the bitrate I have told OBS to stream at having any say in how it looks? Like, does it capture the game at (Let's say 10k Bitrate) and...
  6. G

    Question / Help Encoding Overload?

    Hi! Been running into this problem for the past few days after noticing it on my last video, and I'm really stumped. When I record, OBS tells me that its having an encoding overload, but it just doesn't seem to be the case... the CPU (when looking in task manager) doesn't go over 25% overall...
  7. Y

    Question / Help Encoder overloaded while streaming and game primary window.

    Hello All, I've run into an odd issue that I've been smacking my head against for awhile now and can't seem to figure out. I built this PC for streaming in January and have had no problems streaming at 1080p60fps with Lanconz scaling and a 6000 bitrate until the past few weeks since version...
  8. Z

    Question / Help Seeing frame drops. Recommended settings for my PC?

    I'm curious how I should set up my settings to stream at. I'll attach my pc specs. I'm using a 2560x1440 144hz monitor as the main monitor and the one I stream. I do however keep seeing frame loss for both rendering and encoding lag. Is the issue that my OBS is trying to stream at 2560 or...
  9. OliKTV

    Bug Report Issues with browser source.

    Hello. I have a streaming PC and a gaming PC. I've got a i7 6700k for the streaming PC and a GTX 1080. It also has a 4K60 Pro. The issue/bug that I'm experiening is "Encoding overloaded! Consider turing down video settings or use a faster preset." this happens when I get a notification from...
  10. K

    Question / Help (Resolved) OBS Studio 23.0 RC2: VAAPI Encoding for recording

    Hi, I cannot seem to find a way to enable VAAPI encoding for recording (rather than streaming where I can indeed select VAAPI after building the RC2). Is this possible or am I misunderstanding something? Thank you in advance! K
  11. Hequin

    Question / Help Indistinguishable Quality with multiple audio tracks

    Im trying to locally record Rainbow 6 Siege with indistinguishable quality with multiple audio tracks. Im basically trying to figure out what settings to do in advance to get around the same framerate that I get with indist.. so I can use multiple audio tracks. Specs: Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb DDR4...
  12. lorentedford

    Streaming using Ryzen 7 1700 Guide as to the settings I use.

    (Below is a notice to forum moderators) (So first off I realize that this is moreless a suggestion/guide for Ryzen 7 1700 users however I don't have access to place this forum thread in the proper location which would be under the guides section.. So.. If it gets removed no problems here...
  13. Rai97

    Question / Help Encoding overloaded when trying to stream R6 on my brand new PC?

    Hello everyone, I built this new PC to transition to streaming PC games. When streaming console on this PC it streams at 1080/60 at 6k bitrate fine. But during my stream, I switched to R6 as I have played it off stream for a long time due to not being able to stream it. After finally building a...
  14. T

    Trying to use a GPU that does not have an Nvenc to encode a stream

    I am trying to set up my old pc as an encoding pc but the GPU in there (the quadro 2000) does not have the built in encoder. The main problem is that the cpu in that pc is too weak to really encode a stream without dropping fames when something happens on the PC. I was wondering if there was a...
  15. T

    Question / Help NVENC H264 Error

    Hey, it seams that every time i try to record h264 via my GPU, it doesn't work, i get an error messageevery time but when i record via my CPU, Work Perfectly... I want to start recording with my GPU because I play mostly cpu intensive games so if i record with my GPU, I could crank some render...
  16. Matthew M. Dean

    Bug Report RX 580 AMD VCE 720p60 massive encoding lag when streaming

    To Twitch: 19:57:31.371: Output 'adv_stream': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 117 (6.2%) 19:57:31.371: Output 'adv_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 119 (6.7%) 19:57:31.371: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Freeing 8 remaining...
  17. A

    Question / Help Weird Recording Issue

    I have just started using OBS, and I have found that the first few minutes of gameplay I record in a session (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes) will be super laggy (with perfect audio), but then after that it seems to fix itself and it records in perfect 1080p at 60fps throughout the rest of the...
  18. A

    Question / Help OBS Works Perfect... For the First Half of Recording

    I have just started using OBS, and I have found that the first few minutes of gameplay I record in a session (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes) will be super laggy (with perfect audio), but then after that it seems to fix itself and it records in perfect 1080p at 60fps throughout the rest of the...
  19. I

    Question / Help Threadripper 1950x Dropping frames while twitch streaming

    The Sole purpose of my pc is to stream console games at 1080p 60fps at the slow preset 6000 bit rate this processor should be capable of handling that but it cant even handle 720p 60fps on medium which my i7 can do so i am at a loss :( i appreciate any help that anyone can bring it is very much...
  20. W

    Question / Help Encoding Overload, but low CPU usage

    Hello everyone I've long had this particular issue, occasionally attempting to try to fix it by tinkering with settings but still no luck in being completely rid of it. Whenever I record just about any game, even using a scene with only a single game as a source, no webcam or anything else, I...