Question / Help high encoding problem (please help)


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my OBS recently has had this weird problem when i try to record minecraft in 1080p with facecam. it says high encoding and makes my recordings laggy. i dont know why all of the sudden i cannot record in 1080p and its really annoying. sometimes I fix it by editing the source outputs and stuff but it always resets after i turn off my computer. one thing to note is it uses 100% gpu and that is why it is so laggy. here are my settings. if this is confusing i can explain better on discord with screensharing if you would like. if you have any ideas please let me know, i have a youtube channel and i really need this :)


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Just use simple recording settings and dont sweat it.

Output mode: simple
Recording quality: indistinguishable quality


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ive tried that, but i tried again and now the problem isnt there. ill update with more info if i get a definite fix. it will inevitably happen again but well see