Mac : "An encoder error occurred why recording"


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I am currently working with a client and setting them up with OBS recording function (NO STREAMING). I have done this set up countless times with the same settings and same set up with other clients. Including with my own end as well as my manager and never had this recording issue. Once I had the client hit record this message comes up seconds after the button is pushed.

We looked into the log's of the client OBS and this code line appeared: 17:32:05.016: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] os_process_pipe_write for packet data failed

I have attached the problem we are seeing, and the settings we use.


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Today I installed OBS on a 2017 iMac where it had never been installed. About 35m into recording (NOT streaming) using all default settings but using Soundflower to route audio, I got the same thing. On relaunch, recordings lasted less than 5 minutes before throwing the error and it would seem to be un-fixable, rendering OBS unusable now on this machine. Just FYI (in case this bug is being actively fixed).