Setting recommendations


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Hi hopefully someone can help, or hopefully im in the right place. I have been looking for some feedback on what would be the best optimal settings for highest quality videos while recording. I have gotten mixed responses from some friends that my build was outdated or that my build was still solid enough. Currently :

- 650w psu
- msi z170a gaming m7 (ms-7976) mobo
- i5 6600k 3.50ghz
- (2x8) 16gb 2400mhz
- 1060 gpu


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You could try using x264 if you're aiming for 720p, but you have Nvenc to fall back on -- it won't be quite as good quality as what x264 can do even on veryfast, but it will be a very minimal hit.

Just use the auto configuration wizard to start, and work from there.