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  1. Baschfire

    OBS Fatal Error on Startup

    Having an issue when trying to open OBS, where I'm getting 2 pop ups (pictured below), saying that a file is missing for a plugin, but gives me no info on which plugin is having an issue. I've also added the log file, in case I missed anything. Some stuff I've done already: Installed the most...
  2. Psebcool

    OBS crashed at launch program

    Everytime. I post the Crash log Thanks for help !
  3. 妮囡囝囿团


  4. M

    my obs crashing for no reason after some time

    hello, once i start obs, my program crash after some time or it crashes after i am finishing round in any game.
  5. A

    Encoder Overloading problem & Crash

    I have installed Obs 27.2.4 (64bit) with "Multiple output" dock & "Own3dpro" tools installed. My obs is crashing in between streams. Crash report is attached.
  6. 2

    When I download OBS, It instantly crashes

    Hello. I have recently been trying to down OBS to record, and mess around. But, every time I try to install it, I run OBS, and it crashes saying "Woops! OBS has crashed!" and it won't stop. I have tried every video, and tried reinstalling the application, but it has not been working at all...
  7. J

    OBS crashes at Installation and I don't know what to do

    Hello, I tried everything I found on the Internet, uninstall and reinstall, update my graphics and processor drivers, turned off windows gaming mode, updated DirectX, Allowed OBS in Windows Firewall, changed OBS Compatibility. Im not a very techy guy, so I really don't know what else to do. Can...
  8. M

    streaming in OBS is set to zero internet transfer bytes, even when connected

    I have this problem for days that I do live broadcasts for Twitch and my problem is that the internet transfer or the frame is set to 0 bits despite being with the internet and apart from that it causes the pc to bug and there is no way to reconnect
  9. A

    OBS Crashing (crash log included) - Issue started a week ago

    Hello. Not sure what's been going on with my OBS lately. I make sure to start it up as administrator, removed it entirely from my PC and did a clean reinstall, verifyed that my NVIDIA drivers were up to date and it still crashes every now and then. This issue started on the 18th and I honestly...
  10. N

    OBS Crashed several times at day and anothers no

    I have the following configuration: I9 9900k 48GB ram DDR4 GTX 3070 I am attaching the logs and crash files for yesterday after that I could stream for 4h without problem. Could someone help to understand the error here? Thanks in advice
  11. B

    crashes suddenly after about 15 minutes of use

    crashes spontaneously and I can't seem to find the trigger. They started happening about two days ago on the 16th and I've tried looking for a fix but can't find one with my limited knowledge.
  12. bishoukun

    Sporradic Crashing During Streams

    Hello, OBS started crashing the other week during an attempt to stream Bioshock. At the time, I figured the program just couldn't handle MixItUp and Bioshock at once, and then decided it must have just been a problem with Bioshock itself when I tried running the stream without MIU. Previous...
  13. T

    I updated my OBS to 27.2.1 now it wont load

    Can Someone please help I notice a lot of people are having issues with this last update. I updated my OBS to the 27.2.1 and it wont load and crashes on start up. If I Re install the old version it works fine. I'm just trying to get this fixed please help!!!!
  14. R

    OBS Crash during closing the program (and during start)

    As the title explained, yes the program just crashed after I hit the exit button. In addition, it also crashes during startup (running the program). Here are the log files related to the issues. Thank you for your time, please let me know what was the problem.
  15. A

    Crashed all time

    Hi, first of all I apologize since I don't know English so I had to use the google translator. I have had errors in the OBS for a couple of days when I play warzone and broadcast to twciht. Se me congela el PC y el obs da un mensaje de error que no sabria decirles cual es, pero tengo los...
  16. theonewiththebicode

    OBS crashing on startup - AMD

    I tried unistall it and intalling a previous version, but it didn't work. I know that there is a solution for Intel, but as I use AMD I'm not so sure that could be the same or at least related. It was working fine and yesterday it start crashing. The weird thing is that if I ignore the error...
  17. M

    Crash on Startup - Please Help

    Dear OBS community, I just installed the latest version of OBS and it crashes on startup every time. I have tried re-installing and running as admin, no luck. I'm a long time user of OBS and I have never had a problem. This is the first time I have tried running OBS on this laptop. I am...
  18. F

    OBS crashes when I close app "Exit"

    OBS is functional during streaming and recording , but when I'm done with the program I get the "No Responding" message .
  19. I

    OBS keep crashing

    Whenever im opening OBS im getting this crash. Does anyone know what this is and why this happens Ive tried reinstalling OBS This is the message im receiving when i open OBS OBS crash
  20. L

    Updated OBS, now crashing on start

    I updated OBS today and it now crashes when I open it. I saw somewhere else that there might be an issue with not having the latest windows update, so I have installed all the available windows updates and am still getting the same issue. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled OBS. Any...