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  1. M

    Crash on Startup - Please Help

    Dear OBS community, I just installed the latest version of OBS and it crashes on startup every time. I have tried re-installing and running as admin, no luck. I'm a long time user of OBS and I have never had a problem. This is the first time I have tried running OBS on this laptop. I am...
  2. F

    OBS crashes when I close app "Exit"

    OBS is functional during streaming and recording , but when I'm done with the program I get the "No Responding" message .
  3. I

    OBS keep crashing

    Whenever im opening OBS im getting this crash. Does anyone know what this is and why this happens Ive tried reinstalling OBS This is the message im receiving when i open OBS OBS crash
  4. L

    Updated OBS, now crashing on start

    I updated OBS today and it now crashes when I open it. I saw somewhere else that there might be an issue with not having the latest windows update, so I have installed all the available windows updates and am still getting the same issue. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled OBS. Any...
  5. M

    Cant open obs studio

    Hi after update i run OBS Studio to do my work but didnt work and crash it. I tried to install an old version same. Thank you.
  6. M

    obs constantly crashing

    Hey this has been going on for a bit and its really starting to bug me but obs wont stop crashing both bloody normal obs and streamlabs they do the exact same thing the best way to describe it is that i would start a stream and maybe 6-10mins in either obs would shoot out another window saying...
  7. SnewoNL

    OBS Repeatedly crashes

    OBS Repeatedly crashes on the mac and I do not know why. Deleting the scenes folder doesn't work for me, it keeps crashing. Log is in attachments. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. E

    Pc crashes/ blue screen while streaming games on OBS Studio. Need Help!

    So I am in desperate need of help with a unknown computer issue while I stream on OBS Studio. I am all out of resolutions for these problems, I am hoping someone here can guide me in the right direction to once in for all, fix this problem. So to start, for the past 4 weeks I have been having...
  9. H

    OBS crashing on startup

    Essentially I went to update a plugin and after the update obs will not open, I uninstalled the plugin and it is still crashing on start up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially if I can avoid reinstalling obs and starting from scratch with all of my settings.
  10. N

    OBS crash when i click again on the OBS window (only when gaming)

    Hello everyone, So tonight i was about to stream some Minecraft, and i realised that when i come back to the OBS window, my microphone volume indicator doesn't show up again (only this indicator, the game sound is still showing up), and after 1 or 2 clicks anywhere on the window, my OBS freezes...
  11. RaffyRanary

    [OBS Crashes] High RAM Usage and Very High Power Trend

    Hello Guys! My OBS repeatedly crashed the whole week. I'm streaming a Live Mass at 720P resolution (Dynamic Bitrate enabled) via Facebook Live. My PC is Intel i5 - 7400 with 16gb of RAM. GPU is GTX 1650 4GB. On the crash report log, it says that Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time...
  12. S

    OBS Repeated Crashing at seemingly random times

    Hey guys, I've been having an issue with OBS on my Stream PC since I put it together. Basically, completely at random, OBS Studio seems to crash with a Breakpoint Exception 80000003 error. Sometimes it is fine, and I've streamed for 6 hours without any issue, and other times it happens as soon...
  13. Aksel

    OBS cuts off after 1 hour of streaming

    Hello, let me explain, when I am live, suddenly OBS goes to 0kbs and impossible to close it except by going through the Task Manager. I don't understand why, my connection is good, my obs is well adjusted, and my config allows me to offer a live. Can you help me on this subject, because it's...
  14. T

    Obscure OBS Crash

    So I've gotten this weird OBS crash over the recent month or so. At random points during a stream, usually 2+ hours in, I get this same crash. Thing is, the stream can continue to run until I press Yes or No when the OBS Crash dialog shows. I'm not sure what is causing it unfortunately, plus...
  15. S

    OBS crashing after about 30mins to 1hour of Streaming/Recording

    Hello, very recently I've been starting to get crashes in obs after like 30 mins to an hour of Streaming/Recording for seemingly no reason at all. The error message is the known "Whoops OBS has crashed" Now I know my hardware is old and really bad in the grand scheme of things but I did not...
  16. H

    OBS keeps crashing on startup

    Cant find any solutions, please help. Log and Crash Log included.
  17. yuntian

    OBS always crashes when it exits

  18. RTTWA

    Obs crashing while streaming, plz help :c

    I tried re install all things but seems not work, some one can help me?
  19. K

    How to read/identify log file errors? (Obs crashed twice 5-10mins into Youtube livestream)

    Hi there, new user here. About 2 weeks ago I've setup a new PC dedicated for my church to use as pro-presenter & obs streaming platform connected to Atem Mini Pro. We're running fine on the first week, during the subsequent week we ran into major stuttering during the intro video playback on...
  20. Guest 5647

    OBS Crashes on 9:16 resolution recording

    i set my recording resolution as 720x1280 log: