OBS Crashing (crash log included) - Issue started a week ago


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Hello. Not sure what's been going on with my OBS lately. I make sure to start it up as administrator, removed it entirely from my PC and did a clean reinstall, verifyed that my NVIDIA drivers were up to date and it still crashes every now and then. This issue started on the 18th and I honestly don't know what could be the reason.

Hopefully I could get some help in this regard. I'll attach the most recent crash log and a couple I've gotten since this issue started, please refer to them by date (stated in the title) if needed.


  • Crash 2022-04-23 17-53-19.txt
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  • Crash 2022-04-20 16-10-58.txt
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  • Crash 2022-04-18 17-20-26.txt
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That is not the same thing, the crash log is completely different. A crash there is typically caused by 3rd party plugins not shutting down properly, try removing or updating 3rd party plugins.