crash error

  1. F

    OBS crashes during livestream!

    I created several scenes and added sources in OBS for live streaming together with a friend of mine. I added a Window Capture as a source and chose Discord as the window so I could record his webcam. I added macOS Audio Capture as source to record his audio and chose Application Audio Capture...
  2. R

    Hellp with crash log

    Guys, help me figure out what the problem is: the broadcast is falling on YouTube, but everything is fine in OBS. When you try to click "stop broadcasting", OBS freezes too
  3. M

    OBS "crashes" unexpectedly at random intervals, sometimes even when I'm not streaming.

    As the title says, OBS supposedly crashes randomly at random times, even when I'm just moving stuff around. These crashes do not close my OBS though. But they do give me a crash log report, which I'm actually not understanding the issue since it's telling me the cause are different DLLs every...
  4. M

    OBS Crashing After Every Recording (Even 10sec Recs)

    My OBS keeps crashing every time I hit "Stop Recording" even if the recording is only 10 seconds long. I'm also having issues with blurry footage. Below is a recent Crash Log
  5. ZielonyDzik

    Problem with closing OBS

    Hello. I have a problem with my OBS program. There has been a problem with closing the application for about 2 months now. When I want to disable the application, an error notification pops up (photo and crash log in attachment). I don't know what to do to fix it. Could someone help me?
  6. P

    My Stream and Game crashing

    Hey guys, I just wanted to find any help and advice for an issue I had for almost a year. When Im streaming, sometimes it crashes, resulting in a black screen and the game im streaming getting frozen (And i cant interact with the game, but its still running). A few seconds later (3-5 seconds)...
  7. S

    Can no longer stream more then a hour....

    I have no clue what to do, before all of this I was able to stream for hours but now once I get to around 30 to 35 minuets in I start to see "Skipped frames due to encoding lag" & Frames missed due to rendering lag start going up gradually even hit 500+ at some point. On top of that my obs...
  8. F

    Crashing on startup

    Title. OBS was working yesterday, I installed razer synapse today, and now OBS simply will not open. Error message below. Logs also attached. I have no idea why it would cause obs to crash, but my only possible reason for this is razer synapse. I have already tried uninstalling and...
  9. K

    OBS Crashing even after Windows reset when trying to import last known scenes/sources

    I've performed a Windows reset to make sure nothing else is causing my problems. As of 1/3/2023 I was unable to open OBS without it crashing. After my reset and re-installing OBS, it works until I attempt to import my old scenes/sources. I can upload another version of scenes/sources that was...
  10. C

    OBS Crashing on Close

    For the past few days, OBS is crashing upon closing the app. I don't seem to have any other performance issues, and I cannot determine a cause or reason for the crash. I ran a log, and the only critical I got back was "Max Audio Buffering" on my Main Camera source - which is odd, because that's...
  11. Smae

    OBS Crashing

    Hi there, recently been having problems with OBS while streaming on Twitch. It crashed 3 times within 2 hours of streaming, and also crashed once the day before. Out of nowhere, nothing seeming to link the crashes. :( Here is my most recent bug report...
  12. wolfkin

    Crash on open (Last change I remember was installing Source Clone)

    Not much to tell. I had an interview. I use OBS as a virtualcam and it was fine. Afterwords I was trying to remember how I cloned sources previously. Found out that was from StreamFX and sound a plugin that duplicated that feature. [Link] I tried uninstalling the plug-in and I've restarted the...
  13. R

    OBS Crashing on Startup and I need help

    This just started happening today it worked a few days ago, and as soon as obs launches it crashes, im not sure why so please help me.
  14. T

    After one experiment with the VSTPlugin in this file path "Program Files/VSTPlugins", i got this dialog window

    This window I got, when I launch obs after download VSTPlugin in this path Program Files/VSTPlugins The folder VSTPlugins in the Program Files I deleted and reinstalled obs. But after reinstalling I launch obs and I meet this problem again. I cant fix this problem, pls help!!!!
  15. C

    Crashing issue with OBS

    Hello all! I primarily record gaming content for Youtube and sharing with friends. I have been have been having an issue with OBS crashing during every recording though. I've tried multiple fixes online, but haven't had any luck. During every recording I do, I get an encoding error that causes...
  16. S

    OBS crashes out of nowhere all of a sudden

    Hello, I have never had an error with my OBS Studio up until this week. It crashes in the middle of streams now. It crashes upon switching scenes. I thought it was the browser sources at first. The CPU (in program) sits at 8-9%, and 20% in Task Manager with CPU and GPU. I have reinstalled the...
  17. Yunyunny

    OBS Crashes While Streaming

    Hello, I had this problem for a while while streaming For the most part it usually doesn't crash but when i do something new for my overlays it decides to crash or just starting a stream will make it crash I have attached the Log File from earlier when using CPU encoding instead it did not...
  18. Yunyunny

    PROBLEM - Thread 5D00: libobs: graphics thread (Crashed)

    So i was just streaming awhile ago, about to get started then suddenly i got an error and OBS crashed I don't exactly know what the cause is so i hope this log helps yall help me figure this out :( I hope i don't have to redo any sorts of OBS scenes Log file is attached.
  19. A

    Video Output is Currently Active - teleport keeps crashing

    Hey everyone, I need some help. My OBS is telling me that i have my video output active, and i can't change my video settings. Keep in mind I don't have virtual cam enabled and everytime I try turning off teleport, my OBS crashes. No NDI plugins either. I'd really appreciate some help, I'm...
  20. O

    Streamlabs obs crashing.

    I've never had issues with streamlabs in the past. Recently upgraded my pc's cpu and ram to 5800x and 4x8 3600mhz ram. Pc was working pretty fine id say until I realized I frequently crash while streaming. I will post logs below but the crash occurs whenever u stream or record. I use game...