OBS Crashes While Streaming


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Hello, I had this problem for a while while streaming

For the most part it usually doesn't crash but when i do something new for my overlays it decides to crash or just starting a stream will make it crash
I have attached the Log File from earlier
when using CPU encoding instead it did not crash? Should I do anything?


  • Crash 2023-04-12 10-40-46.txt
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Make sure your DirectX and GPU drivers are up to date
You may have to DDU them and then reinstall
Thank you, I will try that! I've had this problem for quite a while but never knew what was the problem exactly
I've been told to update my drivers but they seem to be all up to date, I will try to DDU them and reinstall. Using a DDU is new to me


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I see that you're using some plugins as well, make sure they are also up to date. Probably, you can try to uninstall them and see If the problum occurs again.