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Filters Guide

Filter Types

Effect Filters

Apply LUT Filter

Color grading using Look-Up Tables

Chroma Key Filter

Color removal for green screens and photos

Color Correction Filter

Modifies the colours in Source or sets its opacity

Color Key

Color removal for graphics/windows


Crops or pads the Source

Image Mask/Blend

Applies an image mask or blends an image

Luma Key

Color removal based on lightness

Render Delay

Delays the rendering of the Source to help with audio/video sync

Scaling/Aspect Ratio

Changes the Source's shape and size


Scrolls the source indefinitely. Used for repeating backgrounds and marquee text


Sharpens the Source image

Audio/Video Filters


Prevent audio levels exceeding a certain threshold, or enable ducking to make one Audio Source quieten when another Audio Source makes sound


Reduce background sounds. Similar to a Noise Gate but with an adjustable ratio


Boost the volume of quiet Audio Sources

Invert Polarity

Used to correct phase cancellation issues


revent audio distortion

Noise Gate

Cut off background noise when not speaking

Noise Suppression

Remove background or white noise in Audio Sources

VST 2.x Plugin

Use VST 2.x plugins to filter audio