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VST 2.x Plugin Filter

VST 2.x Plugin

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OBS Studio supports many VST2.x plugins. Adding a VST plugin is as simple as adding any other audio filter, but there are some limitations. VST1.x, VST3.x, MIDI control/input in VST plugins, and shell VST plugins are not supported at this time. We have not tested all plugins, and some VST plugins may cause crashes. Make sure you save and back up any settings to avoid loss of data when experimenting with VST.

Lastly, always keep an eye on CPU usage, some VST plugins can be very CPU hungry!

OBS Studio will search for plugins in the following locations:

Search Directories


On Windows, VST files use the .dll extension.

Note: %ProgramFiles% generally corresponds to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)

  • %ProgramFiles%\Steinberg\VstPlugins\
  • %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Steinberg/Shared Components\
  • %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\VST2\
  • %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\VSTPlugins\
  • %ProgramFiles%\VSTPlugins\


On macOS, VST files use the .vst extension.

  • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
  • ~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/ (Home folder)


On Linux, VST files use the .so or .o extensions.

Note: If the user has set the VST_PATH environmental variable, OBS will ignore the other search locations and just use the locations listed in VST_PATH.

  • /usr/lib/vst/
  • /usr/lib/lxvst/
  • /usr/lib/linux_vst/
  • /usr/lib64/vst/
  • /usr/lib64/lxvst/
  • /usr/lib64/linux_vst/
  • /usr/local/lib/vst/
  • /usr/local/lib/lxvst/
  • /usr/local/lib/linux_vst/
  • /usr/local/lib64/vst/
  • /usr/local/lib64/lxvst/
  • /usr/local/lib64/linux_vst/
  • ~/.vst/
  • ~/.lxvst/

Suggested VSTs

A short list of free plugins that were used to develop and test the VST support in OBS Studio can be found below. Your experiences may differ, but these are the ones we know have been tested to work in our environments:

Untested, but highly reviewed: