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Color Key Filter

Color Key

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Removes any instances of a given color from the Source. This can be controlled so as not to remove too much. Use this filter for removing a color from computer graphics, such as images or window captures.


Property Description Default
Key Color Type Specifies the color to key out. You can also set a custom color Green
Similarity Sets the similarity threshold between the defined color and those found in the Source. Lower values will remove fewer pixels; higher values will remove more aggressively, possibly removing what you intend to keep 400
Smoothness Specifies the smoothness of the color removal. Lower values leave hard edges around removed pixels; higher values soften the edge of removed areas 80
Opacity Sets the opacity of the Source. 0.0 is transparent; 1.0 is opaque 1.0
Contrast Sets the contrast of the Source 0.0
Brightness Sets the contrast of the Source 0.0
Gamma Sets the gamma of the Source 0.0