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Chroma Key Filter

Chroma Key

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Removes any instances of a given color from the Source. This can be controlled so as not to remove too much. Use this filter for green screens.


Property Description Default
Key Color Type Specifies the color to key out. You can also set a custom color Green
Similarity Sets the similarity threshold between the defined color and those found in the Source. Lower values will remove fewer pixels; higher values will remove more aggressively, possibly removing what you intend to keep 400
Smoothness Specifies the smoothness of the color removal. Lower values leave hard edges around removed pixels; higher values soften the edge of removed areas 80
Key Color Spill Reduction Specifies how aggressively to remove traces of the key color from the Source around the edge of other colors (for example, green pixels around a subject's hair) 100
Opacity Sets the opacity of the Source. 0.0 is transparent; 1.0 is opaque 1.0
Contrast Sets the contrast of the Source 0.0
Brightness Sets the contrast of the Source 0.0
Gamma Sets the gamma of the Source 0.0