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Noise Suppression Filter

Noise Suppression

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The Noise Suppression filter can be used to remove mild background noise or white noise that may be in any of your audio sources. While this is generally not effective at large amounts of background noise (i.e. in a loud room) it can be quite effective at reducing things like PC fan noise or other environmental noises.

NVIDIA Noise Removal

The NVIDIA Broadcast SDK redistributable is required for the NVIDIA Noise Removal filter. Once installed, the NVIDIA Noise Removal option will appear as part of the "Noise Suppression" filter, alongside RNNoise and Speex.


Property Description Default
Method Specifies the method used for noise compression. RNNoise is higher quality but at the cost of greater CPU usage; Speex is configurable. NVIDIA Noise Removal requires the Broadcast SDK, linked above. RNNoise
Suppression Level If Method is set to Speex, specifies the level of suppression. 0 is off. The further you move the slider to the left, the 'stronger' the filter will be, and the more sounds it will filter out. Keep in mind that this can distort other sounds (like your voice) -30 dB