Question / Help Streamlabs OBS Stuttering Elgato When facecam is added?


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Hey what's going on guys!! I recently started streaming, and I purchased an Elgato HD60s to use as my capture device. I stream off of my Omen Gaming laptop, while playing the game on my Xbox one x. I added the Elgato to Capture my game gameplay On streamlabs OBS, and everything looks absolutely amazing, and smooth! But, the second I go to add my webcam(Logitech c922x pro) My gameplay Instantly starts stuttering every 2 seconds in OBS and stream, But my Webcam stays smooth. I tried switching over to normal OBS, and the same exact problem occured there as well. I've looked up everything I can, and I've found zero solutions, and Have no clue what to do. If anyone has a solution, PLEASE let me know, because this is the only problem holding me back from streaming. Thanks in advance!!!