windows 10 64bit

  1. B

    Question / Help Problem with the graphic integrate/probleme avec mon pilote graphique intégrer

    Anglais : Hello, I use your software to record my games is it works well but to film my screen it does not work even if I try to launch my software with the graphic integrate I think it starts anyway with the graphic Nvidia because when I uninstall the graphic Nvidia in the device manager I can...
  2. Mozetronick

    Question / Help OBS always crashing when smtg loading also Web-cam freeze

    A day ago, I experienced some problems with a lack of space on the main hard drive and after that, it seemed to me, some OBS settings were reset. I solved the problem with lost 40 GB files due to search indexing on my SSD. After which I returned to the previous scene, launched as usual a dozen...
  3. Charly

    Question / Help WINDOWS 10 OBS CRASH (Woops, OBS has crashed!)

    Hi there, I have crashes after Windows 10 Pro in 64bits, can you help me? I tried everything, compatibility mode, NVIDIA configuration, etc. I made a dump file, you can download it here Sending crash log Thank you so much...
  4. E

    Question / Help Avermedia Live Ultra Gamer freezing image in OBS Studio (suddenly for no apparent cause)

    Hello forum friends. For more than 2 weeks, I have been having a problem between the AVERMEDIA LIVE ULTRA GAMER (GC553) card with OBS Studio. During gameplay, the capture card completely freezes the image. On television, with the console connected, shows no problem, image appears normally. But...
  5. RowdySouls

    Bug Report OBS Not Honoring The Default Configured Audio Input Device on Windows 10

    Hi there everyone. Having an issue with OBS not honoring what the default input device is set to in Windows 10. Here is our sound settings in Windows 10: This is the desired setup for us as we route a bands audio mix down to channels 1-2 and route it to OBS through USB. But, when we start...
  6. J

    Question / Help Bandwidth Test Mode not working?

    Hi, I was messing with OBS and ended up having to uninstall and reinstall everything. I reconnected my OBS with my Twitch account. While I can stream normally, every time I check "Enable Bandwidth Test Mode," nothing shows up on my Twitch and it says it's offline. Is this a problem with my...
  7. Sn34k

    Question / Help Kinect V2 w/Studio OBS v23.2.1 x64

    Guys i'm having a issue trying to get my KinectV2 (Version2 / XboxOne Edition,not the Windows Kinect) I've searched high and low for referrences to assist me to get this thing to function correctly. My system consists of - OBS v23.2.1 x64 Win10 Pro 64x 1803 SDK AMD A10-6800k FM2 32GB DDR3...
  8. frisbii

    Bug Report Imported fonts unload when going back into OBS after a shutdown

    I have Roboto Mono installed from here on my OS, and OBS picks that up fine when it's first installed; the Text (GDI+) source works as expected. However, if I shut down my computer, when I turn it on again and open OBS, the fonts have unloaded. The font preview works, however the properties...
  9. A

    Question / Help Two instances with different settings

    Hi Is it possible to have two instances of OBS Studio with different settings? I have two installations and I need to separate their settings. I need to record both instances at same time and therefore need different setting. This is my installations: Version 23.2.1 (64 bit) Windows 10...
  10. K

    Question / Help OBS Studio Crash

    hi, I've just beun to start streaming. While using no webcam everything is fine. Only 2 times I've had a crash (see logfile I've done a short research, but my drivers for the nvidia RTX 2060 are up to date. Also my windows 10 64 bit Pro Windows...
  11. B

    Question / Help another black window issue

    Hi guys! I am sorry, but I couldn t figure it out from other threads. I am running OBS Studio 64bit on a Laptop with an integrated and an NVIDIA graphics card on Windows 10. I am trying to combine a video (video file on my desktop) and a window from the atom editor software in OBS via screen...
  12. S

    Question / Help OBS Will Not Open

    Hello, I have spent a couple days trying to work through this. I remember OBS working a long while back, but I haven't used it in well over half a year. I wanted to use it the other day and encountered this issue. When I click onto OBS to open it, it will load for a bit as if it is trying to...
  13. Pot2fox

    Question / Help Low end Laptop Recording

    Hello everyone; Recently I had to re-install everything, ( including Obs), I had OBS running fine before, I could record gameplays without any lag, frame drops e.t.c. But now I simplycannot re-configure everything like I had before, can someone give me a hand on this issue please? Bellow I will...
  14. J

    Question / Help OBS Doesn't open, windonws 10.

    i always need to restart my pc for open the program because i cant open twice, here is the log file: PLS HELP
  15. K

    Question / Help Windows 10 Firewall blocking OBS

    Hello, I have installed OBS. But when I click on the "Start Streaming" button I get the error message: "Failed to connect to server. The connection was blocked. Check your firewall / anti-virus settings to make sure OBS is allowed full internet access." I have tested and it is indeed my...
  16. R

    Question / Help Desktop Audio Not Picking Up

    Hey so I downloaded OBS three days ago and have everything else figured out but for some reason, I can not for the life of me figure out why OBS is not picking up any desktop audio when I stream. I have an MSI Leopard, that uses RealTek High Def Audio(not sure if that'll be helpful, I know my...
  17. S

    Question / Help My stream Freezes when switching scenes

    Ive used Obs for years never had any problems this is the first. I only pinned point it to one situation when this happens but it seems to happen when i switch scenes the whole stream would freeze on the last frame. Obs still says im streaming but twitch says im offline
  18. B

    Question / Help Cant seem to stream a stable 60 fps in obs but in game is perfectly fine

    So I just got this new computer and I have looked up all the videos and did all the stream test and still can't get a stable 60 fps in obs mainly in apex, I get high fps in game its just the fps the viewers would see cant stay at 60. I have a i9-9900k and a rtx 2060 and 16gb of ram. I'v tested...
  19. B

    Question / Help Dropping frames in OBS studio please help

    So I just got this new computer and I have looked up all the videos and did all the stream test and still can't get a stable 60 fps in obs mainly in apex, I get high fps in game its just the fps the viewers would see cant stay at 60. I have a i9-9900k and a rtx 2060 and 16gb of ram. I'v tested...
  20. M

    Question / Help Streaming

    Hi, Guys, I could use some help, please. I am using an Elgato HD 60 S, and I have The Ultimate Elite Pro Headset Bundle from Turtle beach that has a tac. I am using the Elgato chat link but need some help on making sure that i have everything configured correctly to where OBS can capture the...