Question / Help Two instances with different settings


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Is it possible to have two instances of OBS Studio with different settings?

I have two installations and I need to separate their settings. I need to record both instances at same time and therefore need different setting.

This is my installations:
Version 23.2.1 (64 bit)
Windows 10
Instance 1 is installed at C:\Program Files\obs-studio\
Instance 2 is installed at C:\Program Files\obs-studio-2\

Thanks in advance


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Don't think so because both instances are going to load settings (profiles and scene collections) from the same location:

OBS isn't intended to be used this way, and will even write an error into the log when an instance launches and detects another instance is already running.

Well, so far there seems no problems with running in two instances. One is streaming and the other recording. I also can switch scenes independently. At least so far without any issues.

So yes, I can run two instances, but maybe it's not possible to have different settings.


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Sort of?

Basically if you have any kind of performance issue whatsoever and then ask about it, the first thing someone is going to tell you is "don't run two instances".

So, the program isn't going to stop you from doing it, but it's unlikely to work well and isn't intended to be used that way.


give us a hint for what reason you need to run OBS multiple times
streaming to two different services?

and btw its possible to have multiple settings running obs in portable mode


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You can start your second OBS version in portable mode (command line parameter --portable). In portable mode, OBS doesn't look for his configuration settings in %appdata%\obs-studio but in his installation directory. Your Windows user needs write access to this directory, of course.


You can easy write your own launcher for this

Local $portable_mode = FileExists(@ScriptDir & '\portable_mode.txt')
ConsoleWrite('portable_mode.txt ' & $portable_mode & @CRLF)
If $portable_mode = 0 Then
FileWrite(@ScriptDir & '\portable_mode.txt', '')
If ProcessExists('obs32.exe') Or ProcessExists('obs64.exe') Then
ConsoleWrite('OBS-Studio can´t start because it is already running' & @CRLF)
MsgBox(64, 'OBS-Studio', 'OBS-Studio can´t start because it is already running', 0)
ElseIf @OSArch = 'X86' Then
ConsoleWrite('OSArch = X86 start from ' & @ScriptDir & '\bin\32bit' & @CRLF)
$iPID = Run('bin\32bit\obs32.exe', @ScriptDir & '\bin\32bit')
ElseIf @OSArch = "X64" Then
ConsoleWrite('OSArch = X64 start from ' & @ScriptDir & '\bin\64bit' & @CRLF)
$iPID = Run('bin\64bit\obs64.exe', @ScriptDir & '\bin\64bit')
ConsoleWrite('PID = ' & $iPID & @CRLF)