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Hi guys!

I am sorry, but I couldn t figure it out from other threads.

I am running OBS Studio 64bit on a Laptop with an integrated and an NVIDIA graphics card on Windows 10.

I am trying to combine a video (video file on my desktop) and a window from the atom editor software in OBS via screen capture.

On mac this worked for me, but here on windows, I can display the video zero problems but the Atom window is not displayed.

I set both Atom and OBS to run on the NVIDIA card but nothing changed. (Also tried to set both on the integrated card didn t work either).

Displaying a browser window (Firefox) through windows capture does work (Firefox is running on Integrated soundcard weirdly), display capture does not work.

Oh I also told OBS to be Windows 7 compatible instead of the Windows 8 default but it didn t work either.

Any leads would be very appreciated!
Thank you.

Have a great day!


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Could you post some screenshots of your desktop and the OBS window with the preview that visualize your issue? It's difficult to tell what the issue is from your words only.


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Hi Koala,
Thank you for your reply.
Basically, the window stays black. The windows I want to capture are open on my desktop.
If you let me know, if there are certain settings you want screenshots of, I m happy to send them.

Thanks again,


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