windows 10 64bit

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    Question / Help Obs Studio is causing my CPU to run at 100%

    I'm having an issue with OBS Studio v22.0.2. When I open the program, not even streaming or recording, my CPU usage instantly goes up to 100%. I adjusted a few presets in OBS, but it only dropped it down to 96% usage. I looked in the processing tab, of my task manager, and it shows that OBS is...
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    Question / Help Encoding overloaded after Win10 Fresh Start

    Hey all! I had a memory leak in a driver of which I could not locate which one was causing it. (~27gig used of the 32gig after a restart, there was 21gig used in the "Driver Locked" area...) (MS support was not much of help either, had to explain to two of them what RAM modules are and...
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    Question / Help This error happen when i record

    When i try record a video forever show this message! Screenshot of the Error Log obs: im Portuguese-Brazillian
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    Question / Help Sound from video recording drops after a minute or two

    Hi, I'm new to OBS and just getting started with this, I wanted to start streaming video games and recording videos. However, every time I start recording or streaming, after a minute or two the sound from the game cuts out and doesn't come back until I restart OBS. All the queries and answers...
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    Question / Help OBS not recording my mic through Gamechat

    So I am recording Fortnite, and OBS is recording the desktop audio but it is not recording my microphone when I am using the in-game audio chat to talk to my teammates. I can talk to my teammates and they can hear me just fine, but OBS is not picking up the sound. When I am not playing Fortnite...
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    Question / Help Black screen when elgato connected to obs

    Hello everyone, I just recently purchase a Elgato HD60S capture card. However, in OBS Studio when I add the elgato, I get a black screen every time I select the capture card. Sometimes it'll show up on screen but the go away and stuck again on the black screen! Need Help! I've ran OBS as a...
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    Question / Help No Blackmagic in OBS - connected via Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I have BM Ultra Mini Studio Recorder and I tried to connect it to my laptop ( Asus Zenbook Pro UX550 ) via Thunderbolt 3 port ( USB - C with Thunderbolt technology. My PC shows that I have already connected my new Black Magic device but in Video Caputre Device in OBS it doesn't show at...
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    Question / Help USB Capture Recommendations?

    I'm planning to purchase an external USB capture device to use with a Windows 10 laptop. I see that the prices easily range from under $200 to $500 or more. I'm concerned that the cheaper devices may offload some of the processing to the PC/laptop and I would prefer to avoid that if possible...
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    Bug Report [Potential Bug] Advanced Audio Properties Not Working

    Not sure if this has been posted or solved at all but this seems to be a problem that I've found and confirmed a few others to have. In OBS Studio any adjustments I make in the Advanced Audio Properties do not apply. If I set a delay on my Mic audio I get nothing. If I try to monitor my audio I...
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    Question / Help Strange Automation Error Win10

    Hi all, Can anyone throw any light onto why I can open OBS (21.1.2) with no errors manually (double-clicking the icon) on Win10, but if I try to automate it, it fails and gives the following error: "Failed to find locale/en-US.ini" I'm trying to automate the app opening with account login...
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    Question / Help OBS White Screen on Windows 10

    Hello i format my pc and after format when i open OBS i receive White Screen and i cant Capture any Window-Game.If Anyone Can Help me! Here is the log file :
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    Bug Report 64 Bit OBS Not working with displays, but 32 bit works fine.

    The 64bit version of the software will recognize, but not allow for recording/display of my mointors. Will work with game capture, but display captrue will not. 32 bit version, however, works just fine. Not sure why. Attaching logs.
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    Question / Help Bitrate Problem

    So I've had this problem with my streaming for the past couple of months, So I use to stream at around 2500 Bitrate with 0 problem at all, but all of a sudden OBS can only run it smooth at 500 bitrate. Can someone help?
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    Question / Help win 10, obs, logitech all updated BUT no Cam in OBS

    I have the logitech webcam c920 hd and its software, which produces video in the logi app, BUT NOT in OBS, not for lack of clicking in the add source... ;[ everything is FULLY updated... Help! gh426