Bug Report OBS Not Honoring The Default Configured Audio Input Device on Windows 10


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Hi there everyone. Having an issue with OBS not honoring what the default input device is set to in Windows 10.

Here is our sound settings in Windows 10:

This is the desired setup for us as we route a bands audio mix down to channels 1-2 and route it to OBS through USB.
But, when we start OBS, and select default, it sets the Mic/Aux input to our C920 Webcam.

Please see the attached log. In the activity at the end of the log, I'm switching between Line In 1-2 (3- BEHRINGER X18) directly in the Mic/Aux audio source to Default. You would think those would be synonymous but as you can see from the logs, it's switch between the X18 and the Logietch webcam.

We are also having audio crashing issues in OBS which has caused us to have to switch from the Behringer to Default to get audio working again, but now this isn't possible since this new issue cropped up and I'll create a separate post for those since these may be unrelated. Thank you for any help and assistance.


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