Question / Help Kinect V2 w/Studio OBS v23.2.1 x64


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Guys i'm having a issue trying to get my KinectV2 (Version2 / XboxOne Edition,not the Windows Kinect) I've searched high and low for referrences to assist me to get this thing to function correctly. My system consists of -

OBS v23.2.1 x64
Win10 Pro 64x 1803 SDK
AMD A10-6800k FM2

My issue is ,is that it only works when it's used through Microsoft Kinect Studio.I'm planning to use as a webcam device for my pc.However when used in OBS it doesn't display capture output of the window. I have to use a 3rd party developed app & capture it. When doing such, running all these app's heavily taxes my system resources. So i'm searching for a direct method through OBS, to be a end all solution for my issue.

To add to the thread for referrence info.There was another post that was achived back in OBC classic days that had some helpful info in it by another member(very last reply post) on this forum.

But again lead to a dead-in roadblock for solutions. There is a github that seems to offer a solution but honestly im no coder so i don't know much about getting that up and going even at a lower level. Tedd's code is there and i feel offers a solution but again i don't know how or where to inject the coding.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. And if any additonal info is needed please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for your time