1. SirLynix

    OBS Kinect (with faux green screen) 2022-03-12

    Allows to use a Kinect (Kinect for 360/Windows, Kinect for Xbox One, Azure Kinect) directly in OBS. Supports color stream Depth stream Infrared stream (might be great for horror games) Faux green screen effect (based either on body or depth) Video: It also supports Linux using...
  2. Sn34k

    Question / Help Kinect V2 w/Studio OBS v23.2.1 x64

    Guys i'm having a issue trying to get my KinectV2 (Version2 / XboxOne Edition,not the Windows Kinect) I've searched high and low for referrences to assist me to get this thing to function correctly. My system consists of - OBS v23.2.1 x64 Win10 Pro 64x 1803 SDK AMD A10-6800k FM2 32GB DDR3...