1. ShermanZero

    OBS Python LiveTime 1.2

    A simple script allowing you to display your current uptime to your stream or in a recording. I've seen a few streamers that have a timer, and I thought it was sorta neat. When my brief search for an OBS-integrated tool to do this returned no results, I figured I'd make it on my own and share...
  2. D

    Speech Countdown Timer v.1.0

    This is a countdown timer that takes user input in minutes from a control panel and starts a countdown clock. It can be customized with basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS . The BroadcastChannel API was used for communication between the control panel and browser layer. Download the...
  3. S

    OBS Lua Shot Counter and Countdown

    This script is an experiment with learning OBS scripts and Lua. I used the included countdown script and another I will link below. It does a few things on top of the count down scripts 1. It keeps track of total shots and updates shot counter 2. It randomizes timer to trigger the final text...
  4. W

    Free The simplest countdown timer

    I've been using some countdown timers from here but I was wondering about something really simple. Therefore, I made it! You do not need to download/install anything. 1- Just go to this url: www.gaglioni.net/countdown 2- Set up your counter 3- By pressing the button, you will be redirected to...
  5. kopsap4ik

    Free ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS 1.9

    Sports scoreboard for online broadcasting of games (hockey, football and others) via OBS or WireCast. All scoreboard statistics in real time are recorded in .txt files, which are easy to add to OBS sources (Text - FreeType 2). ScoreBoard keeps statistics: - Time (timer or stopwatch) - Goals...
  6. robd

    Free The Filenal Countdown 1.2

    The Filenal Countdown (punny spelling intended) is a countdown timer that works well with OBS and other streaming software. It starts a countdown, based on your settings, and saves it to a text file once per second. (By the way, it also counts up.) Some of the settings that you can configure...
  7. dkunin9

    Any way to change cooldown for timer in Python?

    Hi, I am new here and already have some stuff to solve: For example I have a command !command It is written in chat every second (i set it in timer) I have a condition when it is needed to change it's cooldown from 1 second to i.e. 2 or 3 or 5 How to handle this? Any ideas? Thank you, OBS...
  8. M

    Start desktop recording each day

    I'm new to OBS... is there a way to have OBS start to record the full desktop for 16 hours each day? I'd like to have the recording start at 8am and stop at midnight on a single desktop and do that every day for one week. Thanks.
  9. B

    imput output timer

    I think there is not input timer to indicate starting capture. We can with tools indicate the end of capture. I suggest to add a tool to programm the start of the capture. Thanks (i am French retired)
  10. X

    How to create a Pomodoro Counter in OBS

    Hello to everyone within the OBS community. Objective: I want to create a Pomodoro counter in OBS that can act as an overlay while I am filming my study videos. I currently have a widget count down timer by a company called Pomello, however, I want an overlay that I can place as a lower third...
  11. S

    Question / Help Stream Timer

    Are there any recommended timers to add that will work on a Mac? Unfortunately the only application I have found that is recommended is for Windows operating systems and I would like to add one to some scenes on my stream.
  12. unkndown

    Free Show Time OBS MacOS 1.0.0

    Application to display the time in obs using the chroma filter
  13. S

    Free OBS Scene Timer v2.0.2

    If you use OBS 28 or higher with the build-in websocket (v5), you should use the newest release of OBS Scene Timer (v2.0.0 and higher). If you use an older version of OBS with websocket v4, you should use an older version of OBS Scene Timer (v1.7.1 or lower). If you want to use OBS 28 or higher...
  14. R

    Free Sport Scorebugs Soccer Pro 1.38

    So, here is my first application for sports events. It is a very simple and nice (I hope) application that will be useful for you. 1. Download it. Windows Defender will say it is not safe, ignore. 2. Launch 3. Explore 4. If you liked it share and Donate )) 6. There will be updates but hard to...
  15. P

    Question / Help Advanced scene switcher: stop recording automatically AFTER a 5 second film?

    Hi, I have just installed the advanced scene switcher and could not find any solution for following: on the end of recording I have a scene with a short 5 second film.. I would like that OBS automatically stop recording after this film - so that I dont have to press the "stop -...
  16. P

    Question / Help Scene timer when start recording and switch to next scene possible?

    Hi together! I already searched the forum but I only found information about "countdown" tools / Plugins - but this is not what I want... I would like to have following: when I press the recording button I would like to start with a scene /picture for couple of seconds (1-3 seconds)...
  17. M

    Question / Help Scoreboard for individual sports

    Hi I am looking for scoreboard which is used for individual sports, not for team vs. team or player vs. player. I am looking for the scoreboard which is for example used in skiing results or athletics where there are names and times next to them (perfect use would be to connect it to stopwatch)...
  18. G

    Free Countdown Timer / Stream Timer v4.0

    Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK3ibn7naXg Official page: http://streamtimer.ddns.net/ Hello guys! I saw that a lot of users are looking for good "countdown program" so i decided to create a nice and simple program that lets u set the time u want and text that is displayed...
  19. K

    Question / Help Possible to show _unrecorded_ duration timer overlay?

    Hello, probably a wrong forum, but I wasn't sure, which one to choose. I'd like to see an overlay with the duration timer for the recorded video, which won't appear in the video itself. I'm recording Desktop Capture and Desktop Audio. If this is impossible ATM, at the very least I'd like to...
  20. D

    Question / Help Set timer to stop recording then start again automatically

    Hi I am looking to stream to youtube for a few days strait and I would like to have it all archived on youtube. Since youtube will only DVR for 4 hours I was wondering if there is a way to stop streaming at 3:59 min and start it again immediately after so it will make an archive of my long...