Countdown Timer with Pause/Stop


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Hey gang,

Long time lurker in desperate need of help. I host Zoom Virtual Court hearings and stream them to YouTube to YouTube using OBS. The court clerk normally uses a virtual cam with his own OBS and a browser capture to a random url with a timer to show arguing attorneys how much time they have remaining for their argument. Recently, that set up is no longer working for him and I am looking for a simpler solution for him.

I'll start by saying yes, I know there are multiple scripts out there with countdown timers. However, I am having trouble finding one with the specifics we need. We are simply looking for a script with minutes, seconds and start/pause or stop. I don't need the timer resetting and I need this to be very simple. He changes the colors behind it, red/yellow/green at certain time intervals and is comfortable with that. Any timers I find with start/pause or stop either reset or only use seconds. This is time consuming for him and normally has to re set very quickly. The ones I find that have minutes and seconds usually don't have a start/pause or stop.

Our State Supreme Court meets tomorrow and this has become an emergency quickly. Any help will be greatly appreciated!