1. Luuk Verhagen

    OBS Lua Media Countdown Timer 1.0.0

    This script makes from a text source a media countdown timer. Once any media starts playing in the live output, there will be a countdown in the selected text source. You can select this text source in the script properties.
  2. W

    Free The simplest countdown timer

    I've been using some countdown timers from here but I was wondering about something really simple. Therefore, I made it! You do not need to download/install anything. 1- Just go to this url: 2- Set up your counter 3- By pressing the button, you will be redirected to...
  3. robd

    Free The Filenal Countdown 1.2

    The Filenal Countdown (punny spelling intended) is a countdown timer that works well with OBS and other streaming software. It starts a countdown, based on your settings, and saves it to a text file once per second. (By the way, it also counts up.) Some of the settings that you can configure...
  4. V

    Looking for Countdown I can trigger, resets automatically like most sources

    Essentially, I want to have a countdown timer I can click live with Streamdeck, then resets for another use after I click off. Like how media sources reset. Is there anything like this? A Stopwatch / Shot clock, if you will. Thanks much
  5. Tormy

    OBS Lua Count Down Adaptive Time with AUTO-RECORDING & Scene Switcher 2.0

    This is a Countdown of the update I posted in Jan/Feb 2018 version 1.0, now it's 2.0 Complete countdown that enables you to: Setup an initial text that's put into a Text container: default Live in: Setup a final text: default: LIVE NOW! FROM VERSION 2.0: Setup Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds...
  6. G

    Free Countdown Timer / Stream Timer 2.2

    Hello guys! I saw that a lot of users are looking for good "countdown program" so i decided to create a nice and simple program that lets u set the time u want and text that is displayed after countdown ended Timer and last used settings files are saved in "Timer.txt" and "Timer.cfg" which are...
  7. D

    OBS Lua Count Down Adaptive Timer 1.0

    This is a timer for obs. Using the improved count down timer made by Tormy as a base. This timer will detect how long your count down has left and will only display minutes if there are minutes and same with hours. This also currently takes in seconds instead of minutes for the duration...