Countdown to time

OBS Python Countdown to time 1.8

IMPORTANT: You need to use Python 3.6 as OBS doesn't support other versions of python! OBS Python installation tutorial

This script shows a timer on a text source which counts down to a time in 24h format.

  • Show/hide the hours, minutes and/or seconds
  • Change to another scene when the timer ends
  • Play a short beep when the timer ends (unfortunately this is only available on windows, the option will be hidden on other operating systems)
  • Work in a studio-like mode so you can change the settings without them being applied instantly
Here's an example, at 19:45 switch to scene 2 and beep:
Timer example.png

P.S.: If you have any ideas for features that haven't been included just post them in the discussion tab.
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  1. Fixed another crash

    When switch to scene was enabled obs crashed if you changed to another scene collection if the...
  2. Improved the settings info

    I now use tooltips to show the help info
  3. Code cleanup

    Removed useless code from the script