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Dynamic Conference Schedule with Clock and Countdown

OBS plugin that displays a clock, current event info, and a countdown to the event end or to next event info if no event is currently in progress. The event schedule is hardcoded in the script in the variable named `schedule` as described below.



Script Installation and Configuration​

  1. In OBS Menu > Tools > Scripts > clik the [➕] button to add the script conference-schedule-clock-countdown.lua.
  2. Set the clock format, e.g. %H:%M to display 14:57 or %I:%M%p for 02:57PM. For a complete list of formats see below.
  3. Configure your scene:

    OPTION A: Create scene from scratch

    Select the pre-existing text widgets in your current scene for:
    • clock
    • event from/to time
    • event description
    • presenter name
    • countdown (see below for details)

OPTION B: Use provided sample scene

4. Click Edit Script and in the editor configure the schedule in the `schedule` variable, as in the following example:​

schedule = {
    {from = "7:25", to = "9:50", description = "The Great Awakening", by = "Dr Andale"},
    {from = "12:00", to = "12:55", description = "Intro: Defending against attack with fruit", by = "Dr Dinsdale"},
    {from = "13:00", to = "13:55", description = "Intermediate: How to Irritate People", by = "Prof Pandale"},
    {from = "14:15", to = "15:30", description = "Advanced: Something Completely Different", by = "Br Rindale"},
    {from = "17:00", to = "19:55", description = "Professional: Bicycle Repair Man Presentation", by = "Sr Lindale"},
    {from = "20:00", to = "21:15", description = "Academy: How to Recognise Different Types of Trees", by = "Hon Pindale"},
  1. After updating the schedule table in the script or making other changes click to reload the script. As an alternative, right-click the script in the Scripts panel and select Reload.

Date/time Formatting for the Clock​

    %a weekday (Wed)
    %A weekday (Wednesday)
    %b month (Sep)
    %B month  (September)
    %c datetime (09/16/98 23:48:10)
    %d day [01-31]
    %H hour [00-23]
    %I hour [01-12]
    %M minute [00-59]
    %m month [01-12]
    %p am/pm
    %S second [00-61]
    %w weekday [Sunday-Saturday]
    %x date (09/16/98)
    %X time (23:48:10)
    %Y year (1998)
    %y year [00-99]
    %% literal %


The code was inspired and partially borrowed from the following plugins:

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