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OBS Python LiveTime 1.2

A simple script allowing you to display your current uptime to your stream or in a recording. I've seen a few streamers that have a timer, and I thought it was sorta neat. When my brief search for an OBS-integrated tool to do this returned no results, I figured I'd make it on my own and share it with others.

If there are any discovered bugs, I will fix them accordingly, but I don't think there are (I hope).


It shouldn't need much explanation since it's pretty straightforward and explained in the UI itself, but here is the setup process:

  • Create a text source in a scene
  • Select that text source in the script
  • Write a format that will be displayed by the text source (or leave it as default)
  • Select your preferred options

Formatting is simple. Anything that is not {h}, {m}, or {s} will display as itself while the variables will be converted to the number of hours, minutes, and seconds (respectively) since the timer began. All variables are optional - you could even choose to use none, but at that point why even use this script.

I have been live for {h} hour(s) is a perfectly valid format, for example.

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