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OBS Lua Scene Count Up Timer with Active Scene's Name 0.3

We use OBS Studio at my church with a multi-camera setup. With the idea that changing camera views enhances visual interest and it breaks up the monotony of a single head-shot during long segments, it is nice to rotate through the different cameras. The problem with changing cameras manually is that you need to keep track on how long the current camera has been displayed.

This script allows you to create a scene with text fields for a count up timer and the live scene name, that are automatically updated whenever the active scene changes. If used in conjunction with the Source Dock plugin by Exeldro, you can create a new dock that shows the current active scene name and how long it has been active.

To use this script:
  1. Create a new scene with 2 text sources. I called my scene "Program Timer" and I added 2 text sources with the following names: "count up timer" & "Scene in Program". I centered the "count up timer" text source at the bottom of the scene, and centered the "scene in program" text source just above it.
  2. Install the Source Dock plugin
  3. Download and install the Scene Count Up Timer lua script. This video has an explanation on how to add lua scripts to OBS Studio.
  4. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts)
  5. In the Time text source, select the text source for the timer (i.e. "count up timer")
  6. In the Scene name text source, select the text source for the active scene (i.e. "scene in program")
  7. Close the Script dialog
  8. Open up the Source Dock plugin (Tools -> Source Dock)
  9. Create a new dock:
    1. Select the name of the scene you created in the source column dropdown.
    2. Give the dock a name in the title column. (i.e. "Program Timer").
    3. Check "visible" and "preview" check boxes.
    4. Click on the Add button.
    5. A new dock should pop up. Drag it to where you would like it docked...I put mine under the Audio Mixer dock.
  10. Test it out. When you hit the Transition button, the scene name and counter should both update.
Trick: if you want a Source Dock for the Preview pane too, (1) create a second scene, I called mine "Preview Timer", (2) add a text source called "Scene in Preview", (3) add it to the Source Dock and set the "Preview scene text source" in the script window to that souce.

Note: I am new to programming in lua, so there may be some bugs. Please make sure to test it well on your system before a live performance.

==== The timer scene:



==== The script dialog:


==== Settings in the Source Docks plugin


==== Full screen capture, you can see the new docks, one for the Preview window and one for the Program window.

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Works for me. Searched a long time, to manage our two camera for our service stream. Was often confusing what camera was active. Now this script helps us. Perfect. Thanks for your efforts.