1. rse

    OBS Lua Clone Template Scene 20210220

    Even for one-time events I usually have to create a few dozen of scenes. Those scenes are nevertheless based on just about 5-10 template scenes (one, two or more persons in scene, etc). For maximum flexibility my template scenes are based on StreamFX's Source Mirror because this allows my to...
  2. D

    path changes at new Computer/User

    Hi, I had to install OBS on my new PC. I copied the hole OBS folder after the installation from the backup to the new place. Now all scenes (about 60 ! ) have now the wrong path names in the sources ( for example the path to background pictures) Is it possible to change all paths in a batch...
  3. mensch_markus

    Show one Source no matter what scene

    Hey guys, hope you all doing well. I setup alot of scenes in OBS Studio (Version 26.1.1) with different types of sources. Now I want to fade in a source in one corner no matter witch scene is running. Is ther an possibility ? Thanks for your help.
  4. tja

    Reset Scene Collection when starting up

    Hello I've got a little problem: At our Church we startet to broadcast our Ministrys to YouTube by obs. The problem is, that every Sunday there's a different person who operates obs. And when someone at one Sunday changes a scene, the one who's there the next week is very confused. Would it be...
  5. W

    Set the main scene in each scene collection

    Maybe I'll be alone in this, but I assume that every streamer that streams in OBS does not have only one single scene and has several. Now imagine you're streaming Call of Duty, for example. You turn off the game and want to turn on Apex Legends, for example. For Call of Duty you have made...
  6. juny1209

    I'm looking for auto scene switcher using source as trigger

    Hello. I'm looking for plugin or tool of auto scene switcher using source as trigger. What I'm looking for is scene is switched automatically when specific image or part is detected on source. I'm trying to find proper plugin or tool but I can't find any proper plugin or tool. Does someone...
  7. Blootrix

    Source Duplicating Last Frame When Turned On

    Hey! First off, massive thank you for trying to help. I recorded a video to explain my issue as it's a little complicated and I don't want there to be any confusion. Any help would be fantastic, thanks!
  8. E

    Crash When Switching Scene Collections - OSX

    Description: The issue is pretty simple, when I try to switch scene collections, OBS Studio crashes almost every time. What happens is a little bit different every time, but usually it crashes, a crash report comes up about 20 seconds later, and when I reopen, it is back and functioning in the...
  9. R

    Trimming a video to use a source background in a scene

    Hi all. First off, I'm new to the forum. I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place. What I am trying to do is use a video file as a background to my "Getting ready to start streaming" scene. It works great. The issue is that I only want to loop a section in the middle of the video...
  10. maykolplays

    Instant replay has a 5 second residue from older replay

    Good day everyone, I'm new to streaming and started to use your Instant replay plugin when suggested by Defrag. I'm already done with the setup and used it a couple of time and it works fine. But since I change some settings to my output settings due to performance issues, something happened...
  11. D

    Filter to create mirror of video source

    Hi, I've recently switched to OBS from another streaming tool. The previous one had a nice scene that I've been trying to re-create, with no luck so far. The scene includes two sources, but adds a reflection below them and changes the shape from a square, to make it look like they are curved...
  12. J

    change scene with the microphone

    I have been trying to build a script with python3 in linux that does the following but there is no case: Have 3 scenes and in each one of them a camera, and they change according to who is talking. How would I do this? link a microphone to each person and that when one of them speaks...
  13. Marq

    OBS Lua Scene Execute Command 1.0.1

    OBS script for executing any CLI command whenever whenever a scene is activated. Useful for: Loading a preset of any PTZ camera when an OBS scene is activated. Executing any command that does anything when an OBS scene is activated. For documentation see the included in the zip file...
  14. E

    Script quando ativo uma cena executar um site

    Olá, estou procurando um script luz de registro, quando uma cena ativa executa um site e quando alterar uma cena executar outro site. O site tem um código que quando Ou off Que acende ou apaga a luz
  15. Alexik

    OBS Lua Scene Browsers Refresh 1.0

    This script refreshes all browsers on chosen scene. Created from other script refresh-browsers.lua which refreshes all browsers in the project.
  16. DropLET

    Save Scene as Image File in Plugin

    Hello, I'm going to save a scene as image file on disk when an event is triggered. But I have no idea how to do this. Please help me with this problem. If it is impossible, saving a source as image is also alright. Best, ;)
  17. tinydog

    Question / Help Prevent Studio Mode from selecting previous scene when you switch scenes?

    The default behavior of Studio Mode is that when you transition/cut to a different scene, the previous scene is automatically selected in the Preview pane. I presume this is to allow for easy flip-flopping between two scenes... but I never (ever) want to do that. Is there any way to suppress...
  18. TonyBabarino

    Question / Help Can I use laptop webcam (video capture device) in other scenes?

    I have Scene 1 and Scene 2. I have a Video Capture Device (laptop's webcam) and named it Webcam in Scene 1 as a source. But... When I go to Scene 2 and select that SAME ("existing") device for Video Capture Device for a source in it, the screen (video) is black! I thought that as long as the...
  19. ShikenNuggets

    Question / Help Reference/Inherit Scenes, or Fade Sources?

    Hi, so basically I have two scenes, one that shows a keyboard overlay and one that shows a controller overlay, and I switch between these with a hotkey. I'm using scenes for this instead of just enabling/disabling sources because I want the overlays to fade in and out. The scenes are otherwise...
  20. RobertZen

    Free OBS Dock Controller 1

    The community on here has been amazing, and I felt like it was time to give back. I am by no means a developer, but this is my attempt to give something back. While streaming, I wanted an easy way to show or hide different elements in my OBS Dock without having to go to the OBS menu to do it...