1. P

    Using Nested Scene for Audio sounds great for me but can't be heard by stream.

    Hi! I saw a youtube video teaching you how to use a nested scene for your audio and I thought that looked dope! It's called "5 ADVANCED Features You SHOULD Be Using in OBS Studio" by Gaming Careers if you're curious. I followed the instructions and everything looked great in OBS. The mixer bars...
  2. D

    OBS Python Change Scene Name of Scene 0.1

    This is a super, super basic script that lets the user change a scene name to the one specified in the script window through the use of a text field and a drop down list. As I've been learning how to write scripts for OBS, I initially found it hard to figure out how some things work. So...
  3. E

    Scene with game captures as source broken

    Hello, Here to report a bug: I have created a Scene filled with Game Captures of specific games - Let's call it Scene A. Scene A on itself works just fine, but if i try to add Scene A as a source in other scenes, whenever I add it, the Game Captures inside Scene A stop working (shows as black)...
  4. K

    Addition of "Studio Only Scenes"

    I think it would help immensely if there were such thing as "Studio Scenes"; scenes that, when added/tagged, are not meant to be switched to or be part of the live broadcast but rather are treated like "sub" scenes or nested comps in After Effects. Clicking on one of these scenes won't switch...
  5. boxitroo

    Weird: Selected Scene changes to other scene when clicking other app

    I have a new issue, never noticed this happened before. For some reason when I am in OBS and I have a scene selected, if I click in another app, let's say notepad, OBS reacts by changing my scene to another scene, Scene1. (Let's call it that!) Strangely, it's always the same scene it changes...
  6. D

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio 0.1.3

    Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio Plugin for OBS that adds a scene tree folder dock. Can be used to organize scenes into a folder structure. Installation Arch Linux Available via the obs-scene-tree-view-git AUR package: pikaur -S obs-scene-tree-view-git Windows Visit Releases and...
  7. howquestionmark

    Scenes wont save

    Hey OBS Community, im a long time obs user by now, i use it for streaming/recording and replay buffer i reset my pc every now and then and since my last pc reset whenever i adjust or add something new to my scene, it just wont save The only workaround ive found is to always rename the scene...
  8. bontibon

    Active Scene Dock 0.1.2

    Docks that display the current name and the time active for the preview and program scenes. Switching either scene will reset the timer.
  9. T

    Different scenes, different screens?

    Is this possible? It doesn't seem to be for me. I want to have a screen dedicated to capturing screen 1, a different scene to switch to for capturing screen 2, and a third scene for third screen. Switching screen captures seems to changes all scenes simultaneously.
  10. naxce

    A batch script that change the scene in OBS

    Like in title, How to create this?
  11. Jammerlee

    Using a filter on a duplicate input?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place So, to preface, I want to use the same profile and scene collection. I've made a duplicate of my game source from my "in-game" scene and placed it in my "starting soon" scene. I like having the ability to change the game/window in one and have it...
  12. Lord Lumineer

    Add audio filters to scenes

    I would like to suggest OBS devs to add feature to include audio filters alongside the already available "video filters" to scenes so that the simple user can: Add a "scene" into other scenes and apply the compression filter\Gain values To have separate audio levels of same audio source on...
  13. S

    Livestream Freezes Often When I Switch Scenes

    Our livestream freezes every time we switch to one particular scene. It features our normal live video but with text, an image, and two color sources. I tried following some advice I found online and used scene sources better, but I got the same outcome. All help is greatly appreciated...
  14. JEJ

    OBS Lua Media Switch Scene 0.3

    This Script will change the active scene once the selected media file ended. Download and install the Audio Status Monitor lua script. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts) Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select MediaSwitchScene.lua Configure the Script properties: Select the...
  15. Nocturnal Lunacy

    Settings Changing In All Scenes When I Make Changes In One Scene

    So everytime I make a change to the dimensions of anything in one scene, it changes the dimensions in every scene if I used the same source. For example: If I change the dimensions of the chat box for the obsbrowser source for StreamLabs Twitch Chat it changes the dimensions in every scene...
  16. wilderf353

    OBS Lua Scene Count Up Timer with Active Scene's Name 0.3

    We use OBS Studio at my church with a multi-camera setup. With the idea that changing camera views enhances visual interest and it breaks up the monotony of a single head-shot during long segments, it is nice to rotate through the different cameras. The problem with changing cameras manually...
  17. J

    Old Frame Flashing Up After Scene Transition

    Hi all! I have an issue that I can’t work out - when switching from scene A to B, once B is live and on screen I get a 0.5-1 second flash of scene A. anyone any ideas? thanks in advance!
  18. C

    Virtual Webcam not Activating on Scene Switch

    I am currently trying to create a series of scenes featuring a FaceRig virtual webcam input. each scenes needs the v-cam to have different colour correction and cropping, and so I have created multiple sources using the same webcam. As Facerig only creates one output, I have each instance set to...
  19. J

    My webcam doesn't work in more than one scene

    Hi, I've been having problems recently with my new webcam. It doesn't work in more than one scene! The only way I could make it work was copying and pasting her font. Does anyone have any solutions?
  20. L

    Game capture source delay after transition.

    Hi, I have a problem! I have a start scene and a stream scene when i switch from start scene to stream scene using custom transition (small webm file )Game capture source starts with a 2 second delaying.First i see webbrowser sources etc.How fix ? Thanks