Deleting a Source from one Scene, deletes it from ALL Scenes. Is that normal?


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Well, as the title says, for some reason, hitting remove on a source on one scene, will remove it from all scenes.
I have a scene called Base_Game Potionomics.
I want to have another scene called Base_Game Dwarf Fortress.
So i right click and Duplicate the scene, go to the new scene and delete the Game Capture Source (Potionomics Game) from the scene Base_Game Dwarf Fortress.
Annnnd for some reason it deletes that source on the original scene too!
Am i doing something wrong or is this just how it works, sources are shared around all scenes and deleting it on one will delete on all?

Suslik V

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It is normal. Only the Scene is copied (not its contents) when you are using the scene duplicate option. In other words there is no recursive copy of all sources when you duplicate scene.

A bit more in-deep explanation was here: