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When copying a source to add to another scene what is the difference between 'PASTE (DUPLICATE)' / PASTE ('REFERENCE')


Suslik V

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PASTE (DUPLICATE) should create new name (unique) for the source and create all new properties. As "Create new".
PASTE (REFERENCE) should acts like the "Add Existing" (name is the same, the properties are cross linked, if you modify any - all copies will be changed automatically, only Transform options can be kept different).


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Just to clarify the Paste (Reference), it's not exactly a copy of the source, it's a reference to the source.


I enjoy using OBS but I must say, some things, which should be pretty simple, really get confusing..
A simple thing like copy/past a source gets so convoluted with paste/reference, Paste/Copy when it could be simply one option..COPY/PASTE and that's it. Also, the differences between the two are no where to be found..At least I couldn't find any..

Anyway, thanks for all the effort you guys put into OBS...


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Easy rules of thumb to choose the right pasting method:
- if you need to use the same thing twice, use paste by reference
- if you need to modify the copy but keep the original, use paste by duplicate
- if you want to keep the copy synchronized to the original, use paste by reference

You prefer reference, because a reference re-uses resources, while a duplicate duplicates resource usage for that source.
Reference is lightweight, duplicate is heavyweight.